Kpop songs are incredibly catchy on their own, but the energy gets even more amped up when several hit songs are mashed together into rocking medleys. Some of us wonder what a song would sound like if another song's instrumental was used instead, and these 9 artists have put it to the test by combining some of the most popular hit Kpop songs into fantastic tributes.

1. TAK - KPOP Culture

TAK, a young electronic musician, decided to take matters into his own hands after viewing Madeon's "Pop Culture" mashup. Using Cubase 7 & Ableton Live 9 along with Launchpad & Leap Motion, he put into life an amazing mashup of some of the Korean Wave's biggest hits.

Check out his KPOP Culture Mashup below!

2. SHIMMixes - Various KPOP Medleys

Josh, an 18 year old KPOP fanboy of the Nine Muses, put together an amazing collection of KPOP Medleys. Under his belt are medleys of different KPOP eras, which he classifies into periods, such as the 2012 mashup (for all songs in that year), or the September 2012 mashup (for all songs in that month).

He has also promised to put out a mashup that would include the songs of his favourite group, the Nine Muses.

Check out his 2012 KPOP MEGA MASHUP below!

3. MashingKPOP

This team of people worked to bring you the best KPOP Mashups that sound flawless as if they came from just one song alone. You can only imagine the amount of work put into this multiblend!

4. 2AM

The remarkable ballad group, 2AM, in preparation for a concert (2AM Asia Tour in Seoul), released a short preview of a medley of songs that has since been released in its full version. The ballad group turned songs such as Poison and Twinkle into a soothing collection of songs.


A brilliant, talented person, MASHUPCANDY is able to put together instrumental tracks from multiple songs and mix them beautifully, such as the following example of Kim Sori and Girls Generation.

6. DJ Masa

DJ Masa, a Brazillian KPOP lover, put together a mashup of the best hits from the Korean World in 2011 - About 40 songs.

7. kmk1554

Not much is known about kmk1554, but he makes fantastic medleys, ranging from EXO all the way to KPOP Party Anthems. Oh, did we mention the Summer Specials?

8. Idolwowr

A great pity that he had ceased making new medleys. Perhaps the only one he made (collaborating with DJ Masa), having had over 70 songs, was already enough. Hopefully this channel comes up with more!

9. Tyzer34

Having personally confessed to being a YG Family person, Tyzer came up with a brilliant KPOP mashup featuring several artists from YG and other companies. (Mainly YG though; its hard not to be biased in the KPOP World)

What are YOUR favorite Korean pop mashups and medleys?

Darren is a writer in HALLYU Magazine and likes to think up weird things such as these in his free time for the pleasure of other readers. Facebook: Twitter: To contact the writer, you can reach him on his Twitter - @kksdarren