Possibly the most fun thing to watch out for in K-dramas is the piggyback. Ranging from the hostile to the bromance to the emergency, I love them all! Here we have a list of the 9 different and awesome types of piggybacks for you to laugh at, gush over, and wish that you were a part of. 

1. Personal Taste: The confused "I don't really want a piggyback — but actually really I do" 

Park Kae In is frustrated by Jeon Jin Ho's rejection. Feeling that he has ruined everything in her life, she doesn't want to accept his offer to help her get home. He asks again to assist her, becoming even more insistent. When she still refuses, he puts her on his back and begins walking. The look on her face conveys so much — she needs him, and you can see their touching is something she both longs for and is hurt by. 

2. Playful Kiss: The "he’ll make fun of you the whole time" piggyback.

Baek Seung Jo can be so cruel sometimes. He finally offers to give Oh Ha Ni a piggyback ride home when she can't make it there herself, but he makes fun of her the whole time, first for having a crazy racing heart. She is so in love with him and so ecstatic to be touching him that she can't control her heart from pounding. Even worse, he goes on to make fun of her for her flat chest. Oh Ha Ni being who she is, shrugs it off and is still happy to just be touching Baek Seung Jo. You have to love the girl; next to nothing fazes her. Her determination and willpower are strong!

3.Pinocchio: The Bromance piggyback 

Ahn Chan Soo and Choi Dal Po get drunk together on Christmas Eve. I love that their bromance is so strong that Ahn Chan Soo carries Choi Dal Po back to his home. Every scene with the two of them ends up being one of my favorites from the episode, and this scene was among my favorites for the whole show. 

See Song Ha Yoon and Teen Top’s Changjo in the lighthearted fantasy comedy Sweden Laundry:

4. Emergency Couple: The revisiting romance piggyback

Ho Chang Min and Ho Jin Hee show off their rekindled romance with this piggyback ride. We can see that despite what he tells her, he does actually still care, and the anger that they feel for each other is slowly diminishing. 

5. Coffee Prince: The role reversal piggyback

Choi Han Kyul is the one who can't hold his liquor very well in Coffee Prince. On the other hand, Go Eun Chan can, which leads to her carrying him all over town on her back. Any ladies out there try to give their significant others a piggyback? No way I'd be able to do that with mine, although I'm sure he wouldn't mind. 

6. Pasta: The "I’m too exhausted to do anything else" piggyback

After realizing how hard Seo Yoo Kyung has been working, partially because he sees her fast asleep in a pile of garbage, Choi Hyun Wook hoists her onto his back to take her home. It's a romantic piggyback where he finally gives her a compliment, even if it is a backhanded one. 

7. Heartstrings: The too drunk to walk piggyback

Lee Shin gives Lee Kyu Won a ride home after she gets so drunk she can't walk. In pretty much every K-drama I've seen, there is the drunk piggyback ride. Sometimes it's the first step to them realizing their feelings for each other. What can I say — I love the piggybacks!

8. I Hear Your Voice: The proving you’re a man piggyback

Park Soo Ha gives Jang Hye Sung a piggyback because she is too drunk to walk. He proves to her that he is a man by dragging her up a narrow staircase on his back. Previously, she had thought of him as a kid, but now he shows her that he can take care of her and that he is stronger and more able than she imagined.  With his boyish good looks and charm, it's easy to see why someone would think Park Soo Ha is just a kid — but he proves us all wrong!

9. Bad Guy: The piggyback to the hospital

Possibly my all-time favorite piggyback: When a character gets hurt or injured in some way and for some reason the only way to get them to the hospital is via piggyback! Every time we see this version of the piggyback, my husband and I giggle hysterically. It's so unrealistic, and yet so, so wonderful! 

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Has anyone ever given you a piggyback (in your adult life, that is)? Which type of piggyback are you hoping for?