It's amazing how much a hairstyle can change a person's face. Some of these hairstyles were downright horrifying but were effectively used to show us more about the character that was being portrayed. Thankfully, in most cases the hairstyle changed to one that was much more appealing. I love to watch actors change their hairstyles based on their roles, and I find it fun to see their transformations in the show. Which hairstyles do you think are the worst offenders? 

1. Pinocchio: Choi Dal Po 

Lee Jong Suk has such a beautiful face to be hidden by such horrible hair. Even he admitted that the wig was "uglier than expected." Having said that, it does help us see the transformation from an orphaned, directionless boy to an adult with a purpose. And at least we didn't have to see that hair for too long. Now we have the new and improved Choi Dal Po to enjoy every episode!

2. Full House Take 2: Jang Man Ok 

Jang Man Ok's hairstyle in Full House Take 2 is really the worst. I call it the perm bubble. It's the hairstyle that so many people couldn't overlook, they stopped watching the show. And we had to endure it for 11 episodes! But I will say the transformation is so worth it when we finally get rid of the perm bubble and we get to enjoy Jang Man Ok's beauty. It's amazing the difference hair can make...although I'm pretty sure no one in the history of the world would look beautiful with the perm bubble. 

3. Dream High: Song Sam Dong

The original country bumpkin mop wig. I think they recycled this wig for Pinocchio. The wig again helps us see the transformation of Song Sam Dong from a country bumpkin to a viable star sensation. Every time Song Sam Dong cuts his hair in Dream High, he gets more and more handsome, so I didn't mind enduring the wig for a short period of time. But let's hope this wig doesn't get recycled to yet another show. 

4. Playful Kiss: Baek Seung Jo

Some of you might disagree on this one, but I much preferred Baek Seung Jo with straighter hair. It's just a little too overdone and "flippy" all over the place. I was very happy when he went back to the straighter hair after a few episodes of this hair. I guess it does show his transformation as a person trying to embrace life a little more and have some fun. But still... his hair shorter and straight — that's my favorite.

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5. Boys Over Flowers: Yoon Ji Hoo 

I really, really was not a fan of his girl hair. It's a very stylish and artistic cut, and I think shows off Yoon Ji Hoo's personality quite well, but I still cheered when they got rid of those wispy end pieces. Kim Hyun Joong has such a pretty face as it is; it doesn't go well (in my opinion) with such a feminine cut. On the other hand, I love how adventurous he is with his hairstyles, and at least they never change how attractive he really is. 

6. You're Beautiful: Jeremy 

This hairstyle is just the absolute worst to me. I don't mind the color; I actually think the color suits his skin tone quite well. But what is this cut? The bowl haircut with the weird bangs? I know he's a rock star...but still. At least later on they tone down the very weird for just a little bit weird. 

7. Wild Romance: Yoo Eun Jae

The perm bubble part 2. Yoo Eun Jae's haircut helps us see her as a die-hard baseball fan who uses her strength to make money. Even with the horrible hair, Yoo Eun Jae is adorable. Even with bad hair, you can see how beautiful she is. Although I would much prefer to see her with nice hair, I understand why she had this haircut. Unfortunately for us, the bad hair stays for the whole drama. 

8. Personal Taste: Park Kae In

Park Kae In's horrible hairstyles are supposed to show us what a slob she is as well as a lack of care for her appearance. (Presumably part of the reason why her boyfriend gets engaged to her well-groomed friend and not her). Enter in Jeon Jin Ho, and we get to watch Park Kae In transform into a beauty. I was happy to see the side ponytail go. 

9. Playful Kiss: Bong Joon Gu 

Bong Joon Gu had the perfect hair for his goofy character. But still, I was not a fan of the Elvis hair. When he grew up a bit and started working seriously in the restaurant, I was so happy to see him sporting a more sophisticated hair style and honestly was quite shocked at how beautiful he was. Baek Seung Jo ended up having a little competition after all!

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Were there any hairstyles that you feel should have made the list? Which ones were the worst offenders for you?