After bursting onto the drama scene with his role in 2011's Dream HighKim Soo Hyun's increasing popularity has made him everything from an OST singer and accomplished actor to a king of the CF world. He is known for his sweet personality and willingness to do anything to help, including acting as the clapperboard operator when he's not involved in a scene. He's only been acting for seven years, but let's look at the acting evolution of Kim Soo Hyun starting with his first role back in 2007!

2007: With only one role in 2007, Soo Hyun took on a supporting role in Kimchi Cheese Smile. In fact, the role was considered so minor that the writers just used his real name for the name of the character, but he has stated that he learned a lot from his sunbaes (seniors) during the filming of the show. Check out that hair....

2008: He must have impressed because 2008 brought him a leading role in the drama Jungle Fish as Han Jae Ta (pictured below), a student dealing with cheating and the falsifying of grades during the stress of entrance exams in a highly competitive high school. He also scored a role in the short film Cherry Blossom as Han Hyun Joon.

2009: In addition to his role in another short film called Worst Friends, Soo Hyun also had three drama roles! He played Chun Jae in Seven Years of Love, the teenage version of Cha Kang Jin in Will It Snow at Christmas? (pictured), and Kang Jae Il in Father's House

2010: Taking on the role of teenage Lee Sung Mo in the drama Giant, Soo Hyun played the tumultuous character during a difficult time. In the drama Sung Mo is separated from his siblings following the death of his parents later to be reunited and seek revenge on those who killed their father.

2011: His breakout role in Dream High alongside Ok Taec Yeon, Bae Suzy, Ham Eun Jung, Jang Woo Young, and IU was huge! Arguably one of the most popular dramas of the year, Soo Hyun starred as Song Sam Dong, a country boy with an ear for music despite his hearing problems. Sam Dong falls head over heels for Hye Mi and follows her to Kirin Art High School.

2012: Aside from taking on a role in the movie The Thieves with Jeon Ji Hyun, Soo Hyun was also in Moon That Embraces the Sun as Crown Prince, then King, Lee Hwon. Opposite Han Ga In, the historic drama tells the story of two brothers who find themselves falling in love with a female shaman who does not remember her noble past. He also made a cameo as Sam Dong in episode 1 of Dream High 2!

2013: Taking part in the film Secretly, Greatly, Soo Hyun starred with Park Ki Woong and Lee Hyun Woo. Premiering on DramaFever this weekend, the film is about three North Korean special forces agents who are sent to South Korea. When the North decides that all of the undercover agents must be eliminated right away for the sake of peace, it becomes a fight for survival as the three agents are unwilling to lose the happy ordinary life that they managed to have for a short time. Watch the trailer below!

2014: While My Love From Another Star technically started in 2013, it bridged over into this year. He starred as an alien by the name of Do Min Joon, who, after crash landing on Earth 400 years ago, has diligently observed humans for centuries, ultimately coming to cynical conclusions. On top of being good looking, Min Joon's got enhanced vision, hearing and agility—all the more reason to believe he's superior to everyone on Earth—that is, until he falls for actress Cheon Song Yi, played by Jeon Ji Hyun!

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