At the press conference for Cheese in the Trap in Seoul's Times Square yesterday, costars Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin talked about their growing chemistry on set. If what they are saying is true, we can look forward to an amazing new drama! 

The drama's director Lee Yoon Jung said of the couple, "The two's chemistry is really good. I hope they date in real life or get married once the drama is over." Wouldn't that be adorable? 

What asked to confirm this, Park Hae Jin admitted that it was not this way at first between himself and Kim Go Eun. He said, "When we began filming, we had issues with the weather so principle filming didn't start with the first episode. We filmed the episodes in reverse order. Since we were shooting parts early on that were supposed to happen later on in the story, the director said due to everyone not really knowing one another, we gave off an awkward yet youthful vibe. But as we progressed with the filming, [Kim Go Eun and I] must give off the feeling that we just met but because we became more comfortable with each other, she said we seemed more like old lovers."

He added, "Now we are so close that I get the thought that we should purposely act awkwardly towards each other. It feels too comfortable when we're filming."

Kim Go Eun said that Park Hae Jin has been a complete gentleman, even using manner legs on set. "Park Hae Jin is too tall. So after we shoot hugging or kiss scenes, my neck hurt so much. So in the end, he lowered his height by spreading his legs apart." How could you not fall in love with a costar like that? 

Actors Seo Kang Joon, Lee Sung Kyung, and Nam Joo Hyuk also attended the press conference. What do you think of their fashion? 

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