Top Korean actor Hyun Bin bravely served in South Korea's Marines for 21 months, so a bucket of ice water probably just feels like a gentle rain to him. Nevertheless, manly man Hyun Bin took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to participate for a good cause. Let's watch and see if you can detect any flinching at all from the tough guy with an adorable smile.

Hyun Bin was nominated by BoA, and he nominated actress Tang Wei, director Kim Tae Yong, and actor Jang Dong Gun to the next challenge. The beautiful Chinese actress Tang Wei co-starred with Hyun Bin in the movie Late Autum, and she has just married the movie's director Kim Tae Yong.

As of Friday, August 22, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has helped donations to the ALS Association to reach over $53 million. The viral challenge started in the United States and has now reached many other countries and generated support for their local ALS organizations.

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Thirty-one year-old Hyun Bin recently completed the movie, Fatal Encounter, which will be coming to DramaFever soon! In the meantime, check out Secret Garden, where he was willing to sacrifice his life for his true love.

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