By Sara A. Layne: This week I’ve been watching Baker King Kim Tak Gu and I have been blown away by how great the youngest actors have been in this drama. I started watching this because Yoon Shi Yoon stars in it and I like him as an actor. He doesn’t appear until later in the series as the grown up version of Tak Gu and I thought that I would dread watching the show until he arrived; boy was I ever wrong.  By episode 3 I had almost forgotten about him because the actor, who played young Tak Gu, Oh Jae Moo, had stolen the show.

Whenever he would laugh, I found myself laughing along with him because it sounded so pure and innocent. When he was sent to live with his father and half brothers and sisters, I cried along with him (yes I cry during kdramas, doesn’t everyone). His brother Ma Jun was HORRIBLE to him and I found myself rolling my eyes and baring my teeth whenever he would come on screen. I actually had to remind myself that this was just a tv show and he was just a child because I was ready to fly through the screen and slap this child. We often gush about how well actors and actresses like Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young are in a drama but rarely if ever do I see anything on the children of k-dramas. These young actors and actresses seem to have it a bit harder than their adult counter parts because they have to balance filming with schoolwork. Many of them have been acting since before they were ten.  For example, the actress that played the teen version of Goo Ja Kung (circled in red) starred in her first drama when she was only four.

While I appreciate the children of k-dramas, sometimes I wonder if there is a thing as “too young”. Surely they don’t have much time to have a normal childhood. Do they do well as an adult actor once they grow up? I know how awkward my teen years were and to go through that in front of the camera must be and added stressor that can’t be fun for anyone, especially the children. A positive note, they are being recognized through awards. The KBS Drama Awards have a category for Best Child Acting for male and female. MBC has a category for them as well. Last year MBC’s awards went to Yang Han Yeol for The Greatest Love and Kim Yoo Bin for Hooray for Love. They are pictured below and aren’t they adorable?

What are some of your favorite child actors/actresses? Let me know in the comments!

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