I love American TV. I really do. I love TV in general and in specific, but sometimes? You read about new shows for the spring or fall, and you could have sworn you'd already seen the shows on the new slate. Say what you will about Hyde, Jekyll and IHa Ji Min's a circus performer. I can't imagine an American TV show pitching a circus performer as a lead. I know I'm not the only one, because Dissolve has made a hilarious video about American TV that is also the best argument for getting your friends on the roller coaster named K-drama. 

Such bland cop shows pale in comparison to You Are All Surrounded or Crime Squad. What redone "quirky" sitcom can compare to the leads of Tomorrow's Cantabile or Playful Kiss? Highly choreographed reality shows seem all too predictable compared to Running Man or Infinity Challenge The Producers' (upcoming in May and starring Kim Soo Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin) closest American analog is what? The Newsroom? 30 Rock? What American show could bill itself as an updated look at The Great Gatsby? I know that I plan on making my reading group friends watch Jeju Island Gatsby (recently renamed Warm and Cozy), not just because I have a nerd crush on the Hong Sisters, but because I know it will be something new that they have never seen before.

What are your favorite unusual K-drama storylines?

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