SM Entertainment held their annual Halloween party today, the company's many idols and actors were dressed in their Halloween best for the occasion! Take a look at some of the imaginative costumes from Girls' Generation, EXO, SHINee, Super Junior, and more! 

1-2. Sulli as Alice in Madness and Go Ara as Maleficent

3. Seohyun, also as Maleficent

4. Henry as the Martian

5-10. EXO's Baekhyun as Cony (the LINE character), Chen as Harry Potter, Kai as David Bowie, Suho and Sehun as Kingsmen, and Xiumin as Chucky

11-12. Tiffany as Red Riding Hood and Taeyeon as the wolf 

13. Hyoyeon

14-18. Red Velvet's Joy as the goddess of the moon, Yeri as Hermione, Wendy as Kaonashi, Irene as Arale (Dr. Slump), and Seulgi as Harley Quinn

19-20. Key as the creepiest Ronald McDonald of all time and Onew as his fast food rival, Colonel Sanders

21-23. Jonghyun as Sesshomaru, Minho as Captain Jack Sparrow, and Taemin as Howl

24-25. Heechul as a Teletubby and Leeteuk as Charlie Chaplin

26-27. Yuri and Yoona as Mickey and Minnie Mouse

28. Sooyoung as Sadness from Inside Out

For me, the big costume winner of the night was Sooyoung as Sadness. Not only did she go all out with her costume, but she also stayed in character for the party! Tiffany uploaded hilarious videos of Sooyoung in character HERE and HERE.

Which costume was your favorite? Are you feeling inspired? If you enjoy dressing up, put on your best K-drama or K-pop inspired Halloween costume for the DramaFever Hallyu Halloween costume contest! Get all of the details HERE

Once you have your costume, make it a full-fledged Hallyu Halloween by watching Spellbound, a spooky romantic comedy about a woman who sees ghosts and the fraidy cat magician who falls for her! Check out the trailer below and watch the movie when it premieres on Halloween!

Happy Hallyuween!