Welcome, welcome, everyone, and thanks for stopping by The Best Hit drama club. We've all been bracing ourselves for heartache here as the lovelines get messier and messier still. With so many different OTPs (one true pairing) to choose from it's inevitable that some of us will end up disappointed, and developments this week hint towards what's to come. Join Tiara, June, and me (Logan) as we talk lovelines, plotlines, and everything in between.


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Logan: After the cliffhanger we had last week of Ji Hoon confessing his feelings to Woo Seung, we sure didn’t have to wait long for an answer. And it was a pretty blunt answer at that. Woo Seung made it clear that she doesn’t want to cross the line from friendship over to romance. I’ll be the first to admit things aren’t looking good for my OTP as Woo Seung and Hyun Jae are only getting closer and it seems Hyun Jae has realized he might have feelings for Woo Seung, too. That sure complicates things when you realize you like the same girl as your son. Talk about awkward. Lol.

Tiara: I knew Woo Seung’s answer was she doesn’t see Ji Hoon as a man. She’s afraid of messing up her only friend in her life and I totally understand her reluctance to cross the line of more than friends. I have to give Hyun Jae credit for trying to play cupid for the couple by sending Ji Hoon the text to pick up Woo Seung. It feels like another display of mischances for Ji Hoon as fate is trying to tell him maybe they aren’t the OTP.

June: Ugh the more I watch this drama, the more I feel like Ji Hoon and Woo Seung won’t end up together. Also, it’s about to become a whole mess if Hyun Jae and Woo Seung get together because hello!! That’s your son’s crush as well. I don’t like where this is going if he really is Ji Hoon’s dad. Like talk about this getting real awkward.

Logan: You’re so right, June. It’s the messiest possible relationship probably of all time if they get together. It just wouldn’t work for so many reasons. I am proud of Hyun Jae for taking on more of a dad role little by little even if it’s only behind the scenes. The fact that he would even think to help Ji Hoon shows great growth on his part. At first I was a little disappointed that he didn’t adopt the role sooner, but then I remembered when he left the 90s he was an arrogant, selfish celebrity who never had to think of anyone else. It may take some time for him to learn to care for others - even if it’s his own family.

Tiara: To be fair, Hyun Jae is also the same age as Ji Hoon. In Hyun Jae’s mind a grown child from a relationship that hasn’t happen yet was dropped into his lap. I find him dealing and handling the whole thing pretty well. I’m still not buying the whole father-son relationship yet, but my fingers are crossed for Ji Hoon to accept Hyun Jae and allow a bromance to form. Currently, Ji Hoon doesn’t even want a friendship with him. Which makes me a little sad as I just want these two to start making music together.

June: Ugh the bromance needs to happen already!! You know I love a good bromance and it sadly isn’t happening yet. I do want some more explanation on Hyun Jae being Ji Hoon’s dad or what. I’m just really dying to know more on this! Is he really or is he not! Like give the viewers what they want!

Logan: It looks like we’re all in agreement - some bromance/father-son bonding is very much desired. From Ji Hoon’s perspective, Hyun Jae has only mooched off of him so far without giving much in return. However, now that Hyun Jae has played his card with CEO Young Jae, I think the tables are going to turn in a big way. I was hoping that one of the first things Hyun Jae would do now that he is essentially blackmailing Hyun Jae would be to get Ji Hoon a spot in the debut group. But I haven’t going up, I think he’s still going to do that for his son. Or who knows, maybe he’ll get him something better. Maybe the two of them will debut in a group together. Lol.

Tiara: You’re right about Hyun Jae giving Ji Hoon a hand on being able to debut soon. The stars were already aligning for him after the company made him late to pick up Woo Seung. But now he has someone to back him up and make some awesome music together. I’m glad Hyun Jae made a decision about either staying hidden or not. His reason behind stepping out of the rooftop apartment for Kwang Jae and the building probably wouldn’t have been the same when he first showed up. Hyun Jae isn’t the same spoiled idol who fell through time. He’s learning to become part of a family.

June: I love that about Hyun Jae and how you can see him grow in character as the drama continues. I love when dramas actually show character growth! I hope Ji Hoon’s debut comes sooner than later.

Logan: Character development is one of the best things about K-dramas in my opinions. You get the length that movies don’t offer and the thought out arc that most Western TV shows can’t offer. Poor Kwang Jae has a lot on his plate. He’s devoted his life to helping others and no one has ever returned the favor. I know Bo Hee feels bad for everything he’s done for her and that her signing with Star Punch is her way of helping him but this just feels like another disaster waiting to happen.

Tiara: Speaking of Bo Hee, her passcode for her phone is the same number which continues to beep Hyun Jae. I wonder what the connection between those two things will be. Also, Kwang Jae is on the list of Hyun Jae’s disappearance, but I’m thinking he’s going to take him off after learning about him searching all over Korea for him. Which just leaves us with Young Jae as the main suspect.

June: Omg yes the passcode! When I saw that I was wondering where this all connects and if that has something to do with Hyun Jae’s beeper. Also, Young Jae is such a snake! He’s definitely at the top of my list of suspects for Hyun Jae’s situation.

Logan: I think Kwang Jae is as likely a suspect in Hyun Jae’s disappearance as I am. Lol. Even after all Hyun Jae did he still spent all that time searching for him. It really shows his character. Why won’t Bo Hee just give him a chance. She can’t be that naive, can she? And I’m with you, June, I’m pegging Young Jae as at least having something to do with it. Someone else who had troubles this week was Mal Sook - poor Grandpa got involved in her love life and messed everything up. Although, in all fairness that kid she was hanging around with was a little tool.

Tiara: Haha!!! Grandpa giving the gift certificates to the young boy was priceless, but it also shows the boys character when he not only accepts them but is off with his new girlfriend. I can’t be mad at Grandpa for pulling the drama trope more so when he steals the boys' ice cream. It’s sad to finally learn about his early stages of Alzheimer's. The extra bit this week with Grandpa taking the doctor up on helping him stay mentally active and writing, “My granddaughter Lee Mal Sook” had me tears.

Logan: Oh, poor Grandpa. I almost forgot about that. I pushed it out of my mind because I really just didn’t want another bad thing to happen to our group. He’s Mal Sook’s last living relative and she’s so young. But as we know family is more than blood. She has Kwang Jae, and Bo He, and Ji Hoon, and a whole wealth of people there for her and Grandpa. Alzheimer's is a heartbreaking condition.


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