Hey drama fans, thanks for taking your time to join us for The Best Hit drama club. We're in the second to last week, which is crazy. The time has just flown by and it's sad to know that next week will be our last one - but even though our drama is over we will still be here to talk K-dramas with you as more and more dramas continue to come out. This weeks sees the relationships get stronger and stronger- and not just the romantic ones. It's finally starting to look like a real family, but you know what that means...trouble is coming. Join Tiara and me (Logan) as we talk about the future for our characters and whether we think the road ahead will be lined with happy moments or heartbreak.


The Best Hit

Starring Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Se Young

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Logan: Thank the drama gods and the writers, too! This week finally gave us all of the bonding scenes that I’ve been so desperately wanting since episode #1 and it only took 7 weeks! Lol. But seriously, now that Ji Hoon figured out Hyun Jae’s real identity, I was worried about what direction things were going to take. I’m proud of Hyun Jae for making a real attempt to spend some quality time together once everything came out. Ji Hoon is obviously loyal to Kwang Jae, who he’ll always view as his real father, but still it was nice to see him warm up a little to Ji Hoon.

Tiara: *throws confetti* Woo Hoo!!!! Finally some bonding action going on. It’s understandable Ji Hoon being angry and confused with Hyun Jae’s reappearance, but I’m glad Hyun Jae is able to talk to Ji Hoon about his own life and to make apologies. It was nice to get to know the person behind the childish laugh and smile. It makes a lot of sense to why Hyun Jae was very selfish as he was left alone and it brings a smile to my face to hear him think of Ji Hoon, Drill, Woo Seung and evening Kwang Jae like family. He wants to take care of them this time around unlike how he didn’t in the past.

Logan: I agree, Tiara. I thought that Ji Hoon had every right to not want Hyun Jae to be part of his life, but when Hyun Jae took the time to explain and apologize, it really made a difference. And Ji Hoon understood that it was a different Hyun Jae than the one that abandoned him. Being in the present day and being around the kids, definitely helped him grow into a person he likely wouldn’t have otherwise and his new character traits are catching up to him. He is going out of the way to do things for everyone now, but at the same time that’s always a bad sign in K-dramas because it means, as we saw, he was getting ready to leave.

Tiara: Well technically, he still does have to go back to 1993. He’s got to go missing in 1994. My theory about his disappearance in 94 is because he goes back to the present. Again, the rules of time travel is unclear. I agree Logan, it does feel like the drama is trying to tie up loose ends for Hyun Jae. He’s got Ji Hoon’s debut song ready to go and he evening scouted MJ away. Which by the way, I loved the scenes where Hyun Jae tricked Young Jae not once but twice. The song he left him was priceless, but the look on his face with the useless check was brilliant.

Logan: Yeah, Hyun Jae wasn’t made to stay in 2017 in his current form, unfortunately, but at least he’s done some good while he’s been there. Young Jae seemed so evil in the beginning and it’s amazing how easily Hyun Jae has been able to get back at him in ways no one else could. I was so worried about the song, that Ji Hoon’s future would be ruined forever, but then when they revealed that Hyun Jae left him a fake song on purpose - I about died. And the lyrics were hilarious basically, stop being so sneaky and evil. Haha. I completely agree with your sentiment, Hyun Jae.

Tiara: Clearly, Hyun Jae doesn’t trust Young Jae as far as he can throw him, which isn’t far. I’m glad Hyun Jae isn’t taken his form partner at face value because he’s such a cheat. MJ is better off under Kwang Jae’s management. I can’t wait to see Ji Hoon, Drill, and MJ work together and become a hit. It’s been a slow ride to get to “the best hit” and I just want to see it happen. I hope Grandpa comes up with a better name soon. Speaking of Grandpa, it seems he knew about Hyun Jae’s letter. The one still in the office which was sent after he disappeared. I wonder what he wrote. After what he found in the safety box, I just want answers like a month ago.

Logan: It’s funny because I feel like in some ways, MJ acts more like Hyun Jae’s son than Ji Hoon. That just goes to show the nurture side of the nature vs nurture is important. I was so happy that Ji Hoon brought Drill to the new company too. That kid sure is loyal and kind-hearted like both of his dad’s said. Another good deed that Hyun Jae did was showing Bo Hee the footage of Kwang Jae practicing his proposal. That made me so happy. I wanted them to be together so bad, but they didn’t show any hints of the show moving towards that and then all of sudden BAM! She reciprocates his feelings (or appears to). So there’s hope for one of my ships yet.

Tiara: Me too, me too. I’m with you Logan on that ship 100%. It sounds like Bo Hee and Kwang Jae have known each other for a long time as they grew up in the same hometown. I’m curious about how everyone got to know each other. It feels like there’s a clue in that knowledge. Can I express my love for how wonderful Hyun Jae is? Eun Ah, Woo Seung’s ex-bestfriend/roomie, showed up out of the blue to talk about her upcoming marriage to Woo Seung’s ex-boyfriend. Boo! But thank goodness Hyun Jae was there to act like a doting boyfriend to help give Woo Seung some pride back.

Logan: It’s interesting, it seems that Ji Hoon is a lot more like Kwang Jae than we realized - loving his childhood friend just like his dad. Hyun Jae has been pretty great lately. After last week, I was worried about Hyun Jae. He seemed like he had tunnel vision, but it widened and he’s done great things for everyone. Helping out Woo Seung to keep her give her some pride back was the best! Exactly the type of thing a girl wants out of her boyfriend - someone to be on her side against a shady ex-friend.

Tiara: Hyun Jae has come to realize a lot of things not just about himself, but about those that were around him. Kwang Jae being a great friend and manager is just one of those things. I too am seeing more of Kwang Jae in Ji Hoon than Hyun Jae. Again, it makes me wonder if we really do know Ji Hoon’s true father or what Bo Hee wants us to think. Either way, I’m glad that Ji Hoon had a great father in Kwang Jae. Was Hyun Jae coming back another reason Kwang Jae allowed Ji Hoon to try to achieve his dream? Those twenty years left him pretty angry not just at Hyun Jae, but wanting Ji Hoon to have a normal job.

Logan: I think that Kwang Jae realized he was trying to hard to control and fix everything from Bo Hee’s career to wanting Ji Hoon to have a normal life. Hyun Jae coming back seemed to be a contributing factor, but Kwang Jae just reached that moment where he just “snapped” in a sense and realized that most of it was beyond his control and that he should focus on letting those around him be as happy as they could be. And for Ji Hoon, he is happy when he’s pursuing music. I’d still like to see more of Ji Hoon’s compositions, though. That rap from Episode 1 was so good. I’ve been listening to it from the OST on repeat for the last 7 weeks. Lol.

Tiara: So Logan, how are you feeling with Hyun Jae and Woo Seung accepting each other's feelings?

Logan: Haha - it’s been a struggle. No, in all seriousness I’m not as irritated by it as I thought I would be, although admittedly their romance is the thing I care least about in the drama. Obviously, I had strong hopes for her and Ji Hoon, but once Woo Seung made the step towards Hyun Jae there was no going back to Ji Hoon. I still feel bad for Ji Hoon - I mean your dad stole the girl you’ve liked all your life, that’s rough. I just want him to be happy and I think the best way for Ji Hoon to do that is to move on from Woo Seung. My feelings now toward Hyun Jae and Woo Seung are that they mine as well like each other while they can. I don’t envision a happy ending for them but I hope they can make a few good memories in the time they have left.

Tiara: It’s hard to see a true happy ending after last week’s La La Land dream scene. Is the drama trying to prepare us for a bittersweet ending that compromises will be made for everyone’s dreams to come true? Yet in dramaland falling kisses and missed opportunities normally means the couple is fated. If we only knew what was in the letter or the note, maybe we would have a better understanding.

Logan: I’m curious as to what the letter says - and also what was on the back of that page from Hyun Jae’s notebook. And also - is the song that Hyun Jae wrote about Woo Seung the same one that he’s giving to Ji Hoon? If so that is so messed up. I’m going to hope and pray that it isn’t. Writing a song about the girl your son likes, that you ended up wooing and then giving it to your son to perform - that is sadistic. Lol. If it is the same song, I’m just going to believe that Hyun Jae didn’t even realize what he was doing.

Tiara: I think it’s just another of a bunch of songs he wrote and something to trick Young Jae. The other sneaky Producer was probably spying on Hyun Jae and heard the song which lead to him trying to steal it. I get the feeling we haven’t heard the song for Ji Hoon, Drill, and MJ. It corny but I think that song will be “the best hit”.

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