Hello Drama Clubbers and welcome to the final post of The Best Hit! It's definitely quite a ride and it's come full circle. Join Tiara, Logan and I as we discuss our final thoughts and say goodbye to the crew of The Best Hit.

Logan: So The Best Hit has come to an end and I have bittersweet feelings about it as I always do when a drama wraps up. I must say, I am completely surprised by how nicely everything is wrapped up. In my wildest imagination, I did not imagine an ending quite this happy. There are some additional things I would have liked closure on, but still...I’m impressed. What did you all think?

June: I thought it was okay! It wasn’t too bad or wasn’t too good. It was just kind of alright for me. I admit having the two Hyun Jaes together at one point worried me because in all these timeline shows, it’s like taboo to have them see each other. I was pretty surprised it was overall a happy ending though.

Tiara: I’m with June. The happy ending was a surprise considering the deadly disease Hyun Jae was diagnosed with. Yet, I feel a little disappointed with the drama. Mechanics of time travel doesn’t need to be explain, but the two Hyun Jaes is just down right confusing. Not to mention, why did fate step in to save 93 Hyun Jae but allowed 94 to die. The drama was never focus on the whys of things but the human elements but the sci-fi girl in me wants more answers to mystery of the world.

Logan: I had low expectations for the ending in terms of happiness and Hyun Jae and Woo Seung were never my OTP, so I think that’s I liked the ending more than most. I was really happy that Bo Hee and Kwang Jae got married. And even better that Mal Sook became their daughter by being officially added to their family register. When she called Bo Hee “Mom”, I just about died. I feel like I got all the feels in these last two weeks of episodes that I was begging for the entire rest of the drama. Haha.

Tiara: I like Hyun Jae and Woo Seung together. They complemented each other well as Woo Seung could be a little serious and Hyun Jae too childish. They both seem to have a lot in common as they were both lonely people looking for a family. I too love Bo Hee and Kwang Jae being married and registering Mal Sook as their daughter. Bo Hee didn’t get to be a real mom to Ji Hoon because of her image and being unmarried. I’m super happy to see her dream of being a mom and wife came true, but she’s still opened to the possibility of singing in the future.

June: Echoing that on Hyun Jae and Woo Seung. Even with this ending, they weren’t my OTP at all and I was kind of like blah with them ending up together. They just never clicked for me to be honest. I was happy for the other two getting married though! Also, Mal Sook calling her mom was so cute.

Logan: Lol. I thought I was the only one not on board the Woo Seung and Hyun Jae ship. Lol. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-them, but I also was indifferent. I think for me, if the drama hadn’t made Woo Seung Ji Hoon’s first love, I would have felt a lot more strongly about her and Hyun Jae. But nevertheless, I liked the drama overall. And back to what you said about the two Hyun Jae’s, June, I also had that thought. Lol. Usually on when we see multiple of the same person in time travel fiction things get really screwed up. Haha.

Tiara: The drama’s focus was never about the time travel. It was about the human elements of the characters. More of less time travel was just transportation to get Hyun Jae where he needed to be. Why there are two Hyun Jaes and why fate moved one but not the other is a mystery only the K-drama gods know.

June: That’s usually why I don’t like time traveling dramas and movies. It’s just too much unnecessary drama and confusion! This one was pretty okay, but I honestly did think it was going to end some other way. Because one still living in 2017 was surprising to me. Lol I couldn’t help but think how is this possible! Haha

Logan: I really don’t think I’ve ever seen another time travel drama/movie that ended this well. One thing I thought was interesting was how much more 1994 Hyun Jae cared about Ji Hoon than 1993 Hyun Jae. I mean, I get that 1993 Hyun Jae didn’t love Bo Hee yet, but at the same time - if you find out you have a son aren’t you going to instinctively want to watch over and protect him? I think realistically, both Hyun Jae’s would be interested in Ji Hoon.

June: I agree with that too! Like I know eventually he would have been with Bo Hee, but it was a little weird to me that it never like transferred over to the present. Oh well I guess! Lol

Tiara: Hyun Jae’s lack of parental instinct didn’t seem weird for me. He never had the deep connection of romance with Bo Hee. It also seems like 94 Hyun Jae knew about Bo Hee being pregnant. He kept wanting to hears stories about Ji Hoon and you could feel the father's love towards his unborn/born son. (Darn you time travel making things confusing). The feelings and experiences 94 Hyun Jae had are different compared to 93 Hyun Jae. Not to mention, Ji Hoon and Hyun Jae are the same age when they meet. The whole situation is bizarre and unusual. 93 Hyun Jae did the best he could do in the situation, but he’s not his dad. 94 Hyun Jae is his father, but Kwang Jae is his dad.

Logan: I never even thought of that. What made his tastes change so much that he wasn’t he wasn’t even interested in Bo Hee in the present - was it just the fact that she was now 20 years older? Or I guess maybe the drama is just trying to highlight the fact that it’s the situations we’re in with people that color our feelings for them. LIke Ji Hoon asked Woo Seung - would things have been different if I was never a friend to you. I think they would have - after all, Ji Hoon was a pretty good catch. Lol.

June: True! It was just something that I always wondered about when I was watching this drama. Overall, my favorite character was Ji Hoon. I may be biased because I love the actor but that still stands!

Tiara: The experiences and choices we make define us. However, the good friend did get the girl as in case with Kwang Jae and Bo Hee. It may have taken 20 some years to win the heart of his love. Ji Hoon’s true dream wasn’t to win Woo Seung’s heart. He wanted the lights and stage. I just wished the drama had spent more time with Hyun Jae being Ji Hoon’s mentor. All the bromance which could have been.

Logan: Honestly, I’m totally with you, June. Ji Hoon was my favorite and I also might be biased - it’s been known to happen before. Lol. Honestly, he had me ever since his rap in the first episode. I have a soft spot for rappers. But don’t get me wrong Yoon Si Yoon is probably one of my favorite actors too. He kills every role he portrays. He really sold this drama for me. Actually, all of the cast was phenomenal. Cha Tae Hyun really impressed me during the scene where he’s driving Grandpa home from the police station and just sobbing - I was touched by his acting.

June: Omg yes that scene!! Cha Tae Hyun in anything is really amazing and I can’t wait to see Yoon Si Yoon is more dramas. That’s also lowkey why I wanted this drama to end too. Lol

Tiara: It’s the beauty of the drama being able to laugh in one scene and cry and the next. Yoon Si Yoon was just downright adorable. He has the ability to make me fall for his characters every single time. I look forward to his future projects. Cha Tae Hyun was fantastic in front and behind the camera. The blooper during the credits of Tae Hyun sneaking up to tell the actors “that’s enough” while kissing had me rolling. I just want to go find all the behind the scene stuff now.

Logan: I actually think Cha Tae Hyun was under-used in this drama. Because his scenes were some of my favorite. Oh, and another positive thing that came out of the ending - let’s not forget the successful debut of Ji Hoon and Drill. I’m glad they get a happy ending together as bros. Haha.

Tiara: I wished they would have done a Music Bank for Ji Hoon and Drill for the extra ending credit. A missed opportunity for sure. The Best Hit wasn’t on my radar to be honest and I have to thank you, my chingus, for pointing me in the drama’s directions. I greatly enjoyed the drama flaws and all.

June: Overall, this drama could have been better but I’ll take what I can get! Haha


The Best Hit

Starring Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Se Young

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