Welcome to another week of The Best Hit Drama Club and thanks everyone for joining us. This week most of our gang had a chance to pursue their dreams in a big way, but unfortunately things didn’t turn out quite like they had hoped. As we get to know these characters and more their backstories are revealed things just keep getting messier and messier. Will they even be able to continue to pursue their dreams in this type of chaos? Join June, Tiara, and me (Logan) as we talk about our characters’ dreams and our own dreams for this drama.

Logan: It has been a rough week for our cast of characters. In one way or another they have all seen their dreams (hopefully temporarily) dashed and it is hard to see them that way - especially since things weren’t going that great for most of them to begin with. Poor Ji Hoon just missed the cut of debuting, and after he killed it with that rap during his audition. For one, I loved Kim Min Jae when I saw him on Show Me the Money and I was glad he was able to show off his talent a little in this drama.

Tiara: Out of the core group it did seem like Ji Hoon nailed the evaluation. I’m going to have to go see if I can find more of Kim Min Jae rapping because he’s pretty great. I do wonder if Young Jae knows who Ji Hoon’s parents are. He could be holding him back due to that connection. If that isn’t the case, I wonder if he sees Hyun Jae in him. Yeah, the group’s dreams all got crushed this week.

June: Seeing Kim Min Jae rapping again blessed my soul. This whole drama should just be him rapping the whole time, to be honest. But seeing Ji Hoon not making the cut for debuting made my heart hurt! Honestly everyone getting their dreams crushed was heartbreaking! Young Jae is a snake and I continue to not trust or like him.

Logan: I don’t think Young Jae has any idea who Ji Hoon’s parents are, because his trainee life is a secret and I think that if he did know he’d kick Ji Hoon out of the company right away. Young Jae is distancing himself from Hyun Jae as much as he can since he’s STEALING HIS SONGS! Ugh, what a dirtbag. I’m really worried with this whole magic notebook thing that the drama showed us a little bit of. Hyun Jae wrote in it and what he wrote appeared in Young Jae’s version of the notebook. I can see this being really really bad if Hyun Jae starts to write songs again because Young Jae will already have them all.

Tiara: Young Jae stealing Hyun Jae’s songs and saying MJ wrote them is pretty low. I like the confrontation he had with MJ about the songs. Granted the scene turned into a fight with his fan which was pretty hilarious. Young Jae is thinking the same as Bo Hee and Soon Tae that Hyun Jae is a ghost coming back to haunt them. Hyun Jae picking out Grim Reaper’s outfit from Goblin was priceless.

June: Seeing the Grim Reaper’s outfit made me so happy inside!! I miss Goblin so much! :(

Logan: This drama has had some really hilarious scenes so far. For me the part where Soon Tae sees Hyun Jae dressed as the Goblin after just declaring he wishes he was dead had me rolling on the floor. Lee Duk Hwa has been really nailing these comedic roles lately in both this drama as well as Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partner). I’ve never seen him do comedy but I have to say he’s super funny. And then the way he clung to Kwang Jae after thinking that he saw a ghost. You have to love a drama that makes you laugh this much.

Tiara: Lee Deok Hwa needs to retire his evil parent roll and take more comic parent rolls. I’m going to have to start Suspicious Partner if he’s as funny as he is in The Best Hit. That scene between Soon Tae and Kwang Jae was comic gold. I probably watched it a few times because I was just laughing so hard. 4 episodes doesn’t feel enough each week. So it’s only a matter of time before everyone finds out Hyun Jae didn’t die or disappear right? I mean Bo Hee has a photo, Soo Tae was visited by Grim Reaper Hyun Jae, and Young Jae saw him when he was peeking on Bo Hee. Not to mention we ended this week with Kwang Jae standing in front of him with Bo Hee in a piggyback right. Totally not a ghost …

June: Yeah he's definitely not a ghost! I agree though, these 4 episodes should be like 8 episodes a week! Haha! I just need more!! I love how much this drama makes me laugh! It's a nice ray of sunshine in my week.

Logan: I’m really anxious for Episode 9, because I want to see Kwang Jae’s reaction. Are they going to let them finally know that Hyun Jae’s back or are they going to have him think he was hallucinating too since he had been drinking? I hope it’s the former. What makes me really curious is the fact that the date Hyun Jae went missing back in 1994 is not the same day that he time traveled from the 90s to present day. It was a couple months later, I believe. That means there is still a lot more of this story to be unraveled.

Tiara: I believe his death date was a year later to his time traveling, but it’s still a mystery as to why the universe pulled him from his own timeline to present day. He’s still connected with 1994 since his music notebook has his drawing and wishes of owning a cellphone. Also who is 22198 that keeps beeping Hyun Jae? Wow, I just said beeping. Oh the memory of beepers and payphones. Look at how far technology has come from 94. I can’t say I’m surprised Hyun Jae spends all day on his cellphone. He’s pretty much like the rest of us and can’t go a day without it.

June: I'm also curious as to who keeps beeping him and more so that it still works! There's still so many questions that we need answered and I hope we get them answered soon. Also, I wish I could have had a beeper just for the experience but those were gone before I could even use one! Haha!

Logan: I never got to experience beepers in real life, but I do appreciate the homage to 90s technology. It got us where we are today for sure. I’m glad that he’s up to speed with a cell phone now. He’s a fast learner, too and I love how he is making an effort to adapt to modern day from technology to fashion. It’s kind of funny how he weaseled his way into living with the gang. He didn’t want to tell them he was an accidental time travelers so he pretended to have amnesia instead. It’s like he traded in one trope for another. Lol.

Tiara: His fashion sense is a work in progress. He still hasn’t embraced the current fashion as indicated with his belt. No matter if that belt helped Woo Seung in the end. He’s in a difficult position because they would think him insane to say he’s a famous KPop idol of 1994 the time he was in just a few days ago. Amnesia is the only way to go currently until Kwang Jae and Bo Hee can confirm he’s the real deal. I’m curious to find out how the group will learn the truth about Hyun Jae. Considering Ji Hoon is his son, that’s going to be an interesting meeting between father and son.

June: It's going to be one heck of a family reunion when the truth comes out and I don’t know how how every one is going to handle it!

Logan: I’m really excited to see Hyun Jae’s reaction when he figures out that Ji Hoon is his son. It would make sense that he wouldn’t suspect that Ji Hoon is his son yet if there is still another year until his disappearance and also why he only seemed a little disappointed at the thought of Bo Hee and Kwang Jae being together. I’m anticipating him being a little shocked at first, but eventually wholeheartedly embracing his role as a father. But it’s going to get awkward with the way things are going between he and Woo Seung. They’re spending a lot of time together which definitely points towards romance in Dramaland but Ji Hoon likes her so much!!! Ah, I want to close my eyes to avoid this oncoming heartbreak.

Tiara: Romance in this drama is just going to get messy. Kwang Jae and Young Jae have crushes on Bo Hee. Hyun Jae and Bo Hee are the parents to Ji Hoon. Meanwhile, Ji Hoon has a crush on Woo Seung, but dramaland has put Hyun Jae and Woo Seung together a lot. That’s just most of the cast and we haven’t gotten to Hye Ri or MJ into the mix of things. Heartache is in our future because Hyun Jae is still tried to 1994. He’s going to leave at some point to return to his timeline and it’s only a matter of time before that happens. I don’t see any OTP having a HEA without tears.

June: Yeah I don't know why they thought making the love triangle so awkward would be a good idea. Like it's literally father and son potentially going after the same girl?? WHAT?????

Logan: I think we need to throw a few more women in the mix here because Bo Hee and Woo Seung are both going to be just swamped by affection by the way it looks. I have to admit, my OTP is Ji Hoon and Woo Seung. I tried guarding my heart, but I was weak and it has happened. Although you’re right, Tiara, we don’t know what kind of influence Hye Ri or MJ will have on the drama. I can see them being good counterparts and while typically I oppose any romantic rivals, I wouldn’t mind Hye Ri stepping in and stirring the pot up a little.

Tiara: I can see Hye Ri becoming emotionally attached to Ji Hoon after this week. They’ve been on the receiving end of each other’s encouragement. MJ has yet to make his presence completely known but it’s still early and there’s time for him to make things more complicated. I wonder if his career will take a hit when it’s found out he doesn’t write his own music. It also makes me worry that Young Jae might make Ji Hoon write MJ’s music. I don’t trust Young Jae.

Logan: I agree, Tiara. At first Hye Ri seemed completely annoyed by Ji Hoon but now she tolerates and pays attention to him. I think a crush is inevitable. Ugh, that would be the worst if Young Jae uses Jihoon like that, but I can completely see that happening. I think Ji Hoon should move to another agency as soon as possible. Young Jae is not very competent music-wise obviously. When he was trying to explain to the producer how he wanted the song to sound by using really bad sound effects - that cracked me up. It’s going to make him desperate to cover up how incompetent he is, though. I hope he doesn’t go too far.

Tiara: Honesty, Ji Hoon just needs to come clean with his parents. This whole thing is only going to blow up in his face. Evening if he doesn’t has the overall talent like his father, he does have the music ability. Writing music can play more than being the artist covering it. He should just join Grandpa’s company and allow his dad to manage him.

Logan: He should come clean, but it’s hard because he knows his parents don’t wish the same kind of life on him that they’ve had. Things have been hard for them and they don’t want that for him. I think there is something there with the fact that Ji Hoon didn’t want to rap at first, saying it wasn’t his specialty. Because his rap was better than anything else he did. If he embraces rap as his talent, maybe he could become a top star. Drill, on the other hand. His rap “Oh, yo, oh, yo!” Probably the best awful rap I’ve ever heard. Haha.

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