Life is what you make it, but you have to put yourself out there. It’s a lesson for Ji Hoon this week as he figures out what road he wants to take despite if fate is against him in the love department. Sadly our Time Traveler, Hyun Jae, isn’t closer to finding out the truth of his mystery, but he might have found the money he stashed. Come join June, Logan, and I, Tiara as we discuss this week’s love confession, hidden identities and so much more.

Tiara: Who knew Hyun Jae had powers like Superman/Clark? I think Bo Hee and Grandpa are still suspicious about Ji Hoon’s friend, but I think Mal Sook is the only one who isn’t buying the doppelganger line.

Logan: Looking similar to someone is one thing, but looking 100% identical to someone else only happens when you’re a twin. I can’t believe Bo Hee actually bought the line. Grandpa should just trust his gut, but his old age messing with his memory he can’t exactly trust himself. I wonder how long it’ll be before they finally catch onto the truth. I’m hoping we don’t have to wait too long.

June: And here I thought some truth would be revealed to the gang, but NOPE! I can't believe they bought the twin trope. It's funny because the whole time I was like how can you not know it's not the same person!! But only in k-dramaland would this work. Haha!

Tiara: Well anything is possible in Dramaland including time traveling. I’m glad that the gang staying in the rooftop apartment has been exposed. We finally are moving away from the hiding storyline. Yet with all these secrets coming out, I feel for Ji Hoon. The disappointment from his Dad is hard to watch, but I’m glad to see him trying to standing up for his dream. 

Logan: I want to live in Dramaland. Lol. I’m all for the secrets coming out. Let’s bring them all out into the open. We’ve got enough drama to work with in this plot without secrets getting in the way. Kwang Jae is a stand-up guy; I’m glad he’s going to support Ji Hoon’s dream now. It’s important to have your loved ones on your side when you try to achieve your dreams. Another secret that came out was Ji Hoon’s feelings for Woo Seung - he finally revealed them and of course we have to wait an entire week to see her reaction. Ugh! Cliff-hangers make me cry sometimes!!!

June: Secrets are coming out and I feel like it's essential for it to happen! I agree! Having all these secrets will only hinder the drama, so let's have everything out in the open! Haha! I felt so bad when Ji Hoon’s secret was revealed but it had to come out sooner or later. I'm all for the sooner the better because the longer it would have gone on, the more hurt his dad would have been. But yes to the confession!! I hate that we were left with a cliffhanger! How dare they do that to us!!

Tiara: The KDrama gods are against Ji Hoon and Woo Seung. Everytime Ji Hoon has tried to confess an act of god happens or he’s too late. I don’t think Woo Seung sees Ji Hoon as a man, but her best friend. The KDrama gods are tell us they aren’t fated, but Hyun Jae and Woo Seung are. Case in point, Hyun Jae found a coin on the street and won her the stuff animal she wanted. He also was able to stumble across the restaurant her father took her. They both may not have romantic interest, but it feels like the KDrama gods really want them to be an OTP and I’m all on board for that.

Logan: I also think I’m ready to declare my OTP, but for me it is Ji Hoon and Woo Seung and I don’t see the signs in their relationship as omens so far. The fact that he hasn’t been able to tell her just means the timing hasn’t been right. I don’t think she’s consciously thought about him as a man, but I think if she looked in her own heart she might be surprised. When she realized someone tucked her in and kissed her on the forehead in an earlier episode, she smiled when she thought it was Ji Hoon, but was creeped out thinking it could have been Hyun Jae. I think they have a deep friendship that could easily turn into romance. Also, now that Hyun Jae has heard Ji Hoon’s confession, I don’t think he’d ever let himself develop romantic feelings for Woo Seung. However, I also think that this drama is intentionally messing with our mind when it comes to romance. I love Hyun Jae and wouldn’t mind seeing Ji Hoon with the Hye Ri either. So I think I’ll be okay if my ship doesn’t sail. 

June: This drama probably is messing with us! I'm still iffy on who I want as my OTP but the fact that Ji Hoon likes Woo Seung, but it seems like they are pushing her with Hyun Jae and that Ji Hoon is his son still has me wary. I don't like messy love triangles at all! Plus K-Drama gods let's not make that happen. PLEASE!

Tiara: The love lines in this drama is just messy. The drama wants us to believe Hyun Jae and Bo Hee are Ji Hoon’s parents, but I’m still not buying it yet. As June said, the drama is probably messing with us. I just don’t trust the drama giving us Ji Hoon’s parentage, but we’re still clueless about everything surrounding Hyun Jae. Why is fate pulling him away from 93 to present day? What happens when Hyun Jae goes back and will his time being in 93 change the future? Who is responsible for his disappearance? I have my theory of what happen to Hyun Jae in 94. I wonder if he was sent back to present day 2017, but the how and whys are going to drive me nuts. Hey KDrama gods, how about giving us better clues?

Logan: We also have the Kwang Jae and Bo Hee love line and whether or not she’ll ever seen him as a man to wait and see on. So messy! I don’t feel suspicious about the parentage details, but I wouldn’t be surprised either. This drama loves to throw us for loops. Despite biology, Kwang Jae has been a phenomenal dad to Ji Hoon and even seems closer to him than Bo Hee does. I love their father-son relationship especially now that they can be truthful with one another - although the big secret of Hyun Jae’s identity might throw a wrench in things. So many unanswered questions about the past. We’ve hardly gotten any answers so far. I agree, Tiara, better clues and more answers are needed.

June: I agree so much with the both of you all! This is one the thing I'm kind of getting impatient with! I'm like we are already on episode 15, give us better clues or at least answer some of our questions please and thank you! I'm not sure how Ji Hoon will react to Hyun Jae being his dad. That will probably really throw him for a loop.

Tiara: There is a reason why Hyun Jae was pulled out of his timeline, but it’s a secret we might not ever get to know the answer too. Maybe the time travel isn’t as important as we think it is. Maybe it’s about second chances for our characters and a chance at making a family out of nothing. If the drama is going to tease us with multiple lovelines and not deliver, I want more bromance. Kwang Jae and Hyun Jae were friends before money became an issue. Hyun Jae is a good influence also on Ji Hoon reminding him of his dreams. Maybe he’s there to remind everyone about reaching for the stars and helping him learn to be part of a family instead of being selfish.

Logan: No matter where the lovelines go, I want Hyun Jae and Ji Hoon to be really close too. Not only (is the drama telling us) that they’re father-son, but they also have the same passions in life. Hyun Jae seems to have started to warm up to Ji Hoon and the idea that he’s his son. One thing I was curious about was the smile that Hyun Jae gives us after he overhears Ji Hoon’s confession to Woo Seung. To me it seemed like the drama was intentionally making the smile ambiguous. It could either be pride in his son gaining courage to tell his crush he likes her or disappointment at the realization that he liked Woo Seung and now things would be complicated. It’s just a simple smile, but it feels like another way in which the drama is torturing us.

June: I love a good bromance so I'm all for everyone being really good friends. Also seeing Ji Hoon and Hyun Jae getting close is what I want so bad!!! I want cute father-son moments for sure.

Tiara: I appreciate the make-over haircut because that last scene of Hyun Jae … *drools* the hair and that smile. However, I kinda miss his stupid 90s hairstyle.  Until next time, watch more dramas.


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