It’s another complicated and exhausting week for The Best Hit fans are we move between dreams and reality. Ji Hoon is set on making his dreams become reality while hoping he can fight for both stardom and love. Meanwhile, Hyun Jae is letting go of his ambition of being an idol by choosing friendship, family, and most importantly love. Join Logan and myself, Tiara, as we examine the tension between dreams and reality.

Tiara: Let’s talk about the elephant in the room shall we, Hyun Jae’s dream in the rain. OMG this drama is trying to kill me. I swear if this ends like Answer Me 1988, I’m gonna need to throw something against the wall and it’s not going to be my computer.

Logan: I hope it’s not your computer, Tiara, we can’t let the world be devoid of your memes just because of some cruel drama writers. Lol. Personally, I wish Hyun Jae would just make up his mind and either like Woo Seung with all that he has or stay away from her completely for the sake of Ji Hoon. This has nothing to do with the very painful case of SLS that I’m harboring right now (although it is very, very painful) but he’s not doing either Woo Seung or Ji Hoon justice by remaining in this state of half expressing his feelings and half staying away.

Tiara: Haha, I’ll tried not to deprive anyone of my memes, but I make no promises if the series can’t make it’s own mind either. Hyun Jae really did put in an effort to not let his feelings for Woo Seung grow because he knew how Ji Hoon felt. It’s not easy to admit when the love bug has a hold of you when you know you shouldn’t. Hyun Jae could have continued to lie to Ji Hoon about his feelings but he decided not too. At this point, he’s not sure if he can go back to his timeline. There’s no hitchhikers guide to time travel laying around. But if the drama continues to have Hyun Jae doing sweet things for Woo Seung, it’s going to break my heart if his story truly ends in tragedy.

Logan: I think in his mind Hyun Jae was trying not to develop feelings, but subconsciously all he could think about was her. I have to say that if it was any other actor playing Hyun Jae, I don’t think I’d like his character. His thoughts seem to be completely consumed with Woo Seung and his spares very few thoughts towards his own son or the rest of those he cared about from his old timeline. But somehow Yoon Si Yoon makes me believe that Hyun Jae does have a good heart way way down there. I’m still holding out hope that he’s going to start taking care of those around him the way I’ve been hoping he would. And there is a lot of truth to the fact that you can’t help who you love, so I'll give him a little credit there. But I feel just as nervous as you do, Tiara, I can’t imagine a happy ending for anyone at this point.

Tiara: I disagree that Hyun Jae is still thinking of only himself. Sure, he still has his moments of acting like a child, but he didn’t listen to Kwang Jae and kept hidden until the world sends him back. Instead, he blackmailed Young Jae to give him a job to help save the building. He’s trying to pull his own weight with what little he can do. He’s not the same self-centered idol from 1993. I do believe he wants to be friends with Ji Hoon, but he doesn’t want anything to do with him. Hyun Jae thinks he’s Ji Hoon’s father but how can he really feel it when he’s the same age. Not to mention, he has no memory of having a relationship with Bo Hee. We still don’t have proof Hyun Jae is the father. Kwang Jae learns of Bo Hee’s pregnancy from a friend (maybe Woo Seung’s mother). Maybe doesn’t mean he is. Until we have proof, I’m still not buying it.

Logan: I don’t think that Hyun Jae is only thinking of himself (anymore) either. He genuinely cares and does a lot for Woo Seung and he has done a couple of things for the others. I just would like to see him put in equal concern for the others. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t given up on him or this drama. It’s because of my high expectations and hopes that I want more. I could accept the possibility that the drama might pulling one over our whole eyes with the paternity thing because...well, it’s a K-drama after all. But there are a number of things that would make be awkward to explain if he wasn’t Ji Hoon’s dad- like all the traits he and Ji Hoon share, how obsessed Bo Hee still is with Hyun Jae, and most of all the fact that she allowed Ji Hoon to grow up believing Hyun Jae was his biological father. But Tiara, I think we’re both so used to being tricked by our dramas, that we’re always on the lookout for clues. Haha. So I wouldn’t be that shocked if it happened either.

Tiara: You’re right Logan, dramaland does like to give us twists and turns for sure. It does make me suspect Bo Hee a bit as we learned the beep 22198 means “I want us to be together”. I wonder if Hyun Jae was helping Bo Hee meet up with someone else and not him. Kwang Jae in his own admission didn’t know much about Bo Hee’s liaison with Hyun Jae. It made me wonder with how hard it is for idols to date with their image that maybe Hyun Jae created the scandal with him and Bo Hee to protect her. We also know Young Jae’s wife doesn’t care for Bo Hee either. She’s willing to invest in Kwang Jae’s company in hopes Bo Hee won’t be signed by her husband’s company.

Logan: I like Young Jae’s wife. She knows what she wants and is hip to what is going on. Of course, I don’t want her to stand in the way of Bo Hee, but she knows that Young Jae still has feelings for her. I also think that despite whoever Ji Hoon’s biological father is, he sure has been blessed to grow up with Kwang Jae as a father. Now that he is supporting Ji Hoon in his dreams, their relationship is probably my favorite part about this drama - so heartwarming. When Ji Hoon rejected the top agency in the country in order to ask Kwang Jae to debut him instead, that gave me all the good feels.

Tiara: Let’s be honest who Ji Hoon’s real dad really is and it will always be Kwang Jae. He raised a fine son in Ji Hoon. It goes to show you, that DNA doesn’t make a father. I about cried when he told his dad he wanted to debut with his father. He could have gone to the best company in the country, but wants his dad to help him. There’s a sense of loyalty, but you can tell Ji Hoon’s is grateful that he has his father’s blessing to achieve his dream. I’m still on the edge of my seat waiting for Hyun Jae to start composing a smash hit for Ji Hoon. Or maybe allow the youngsters to compose it together.

Logan: I cried during that scene too. Both Kwang Jae and Ji Hoon have been going through a lot lately and it makes me happy that they’re good to each other because sometimes no one else is. They’re each others’ biggest fans. I think that Ji Hoon made a good choice in asking his dad to debut him, because there’s not a single person on earth that’ll care about him more or be a strong advocate for him. I’m also looking forward to Hyun Jae creating a song for him or them working together. I’ve been waiting for it since the very beginning of this serious to be honest. Haha.

Tiara: Going back to our complicated love triangle for a moment, it’s really up to Woo Seung to choose. I don’t want to be in her shoes because she’s got two great choices and it’s a hard choice for us fans.

Logan: We all know that I had hoped for Woo Seung and Ji Hoon to get together, because it seemed like the least painful pairing, but we’ve already gone past the point of no pain anyway. Woo Seung clearly has feelings for Hyun Jae and doesn’t seem to have any for Ji Hoon’s. So for Ji Hoon’s sake I hope he’s able to not be too heartbroken and move on quickly. I think he and Hye Ri would be cute together. Really, all I want is for everyone to be happy. If that can happen, I’ll accept any pairing. But I agree, if I was in her position and had to choose between the two - I’d go insane.

Tiara: Haha … it seems like I like pain and heartbreak as I have a soft spot for Hyun Jae or maybe it’s just Yoon Si Yoon. The last drama didn’t end with a Happily Ever After for him. I don’t mind if he doesn’t get the girl, but I hope for Hyun Jae to live his dreams like the youngsters in 2017. I also hope for a solid family unit and that Grandpa will tell Kwang Jae and Bo Hee about his diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer.

Logan: Our biases for actors can definitely influence how we feel about their characters (cross-reference my love for Jisoo in Scarlet Heart-lol) but I also Yoon Si Yoon is just flat-out wonderful. I seriously don’t think anyone else could play the part convincingly. Hyun Jae is the same age as Woo Seung and Ji Hoon and you’re right, Tiara, he should be able to pursue his dreams too. As with any drama with a wibbly wobbly timeline, it gets scary as we get closer to the end - what timeline is going to become his permanent one? And Grandpa’s Alzheimer is bound to come out soon and it’s going to break everyone’s heart, but at the same time he’s got to stop trying to get through it alone. He needs help.

Tiara: I see you’re Doctor Who reference and I like it. The timeline is a little wonky, but we’re no closer to finding out what happen to Hyun Jae. Evening after he took his composition notebook, we still don’t understand anything. I have more questions than answers still. It’s making me very worried with how close to the end we are. Poor Grandpa. He’s going to be found out soon if he keeps buying that book and putting it in Mal Sook’s bookbag. It breaks my heart he’s trying to do this alone when he has a family at the ready to help him.

Logan: They all need a little help and have been avoiding burdening each other from Grandpa to Kwang Jae to Bo Hee, but they’ve got to knock it off- they’re family. That’s what family is for. Oooo, one big shocker that we only got a peek of but will inevitably find out more about next week is that Ji Hoon now has a pretty good idea of Hyun Jae’s identity after putting together the various clues and then to top it all off by hearing Kwang Jae call Hyun Jae by his real name on the phone. I’m excite for this reveal.

Tiara: What an ending this week. It’s going to make the wait more agonizing. I can’t wait for this confrontation. Ji Hoon has been pretty unperceptive towards Hyun Jae. I still don’t understand why it’s taken him this long to put two and two together. How does Ji Hoon not recognize the man he’s been told is his father? Hyun Jae’s face and clothes was the first clue, the watch the second, and the third the dancing and singing to his own hit. Is everyone oblivious?

Logan: I think from Ji Hoon’s perspective, he really has only had a chance to see Hyun Jae’s negatives. While we’ve seen Hyun Jae’s kindness and thoughtfulness, Hyun Jae mostly comes off as arrogant toward Ji Hoon when he tries to communicate. This is why good communication is important. Lol. It does seem silly that no one realizes it’s Hyun Jae - but more so Bo Hee and Grandpa. If they’re willing to buy that he’s just a guy that looks like Hyun Jae then it’s feasible that Ji Hoon, someone who never met him, would as well. But in any case they all should have recognized him. Haha.

Tiara: I have to give Young Jae credit for checking Hyun Jae’s fingerprints. I mean it’s not everyday your ex-band member/friend returns from the dead looking like he’s still 23. He’s never going to figure out Hyun Jae’s secret to his youth because how do you explain time travel?

We’re more than halfway to the end of this journey and no closer to understanding the meaning behind this adventure. Is the drama trying to tell us something with Hyun Jae’s La La Land “could have been” montage? Could this dream be suggesting these two might have to make a compromise by walking away from each other for the other’s benefit? Or are we being told the compromise Ji Hoon will have to face for his dream of stardom to become reality? Is a bittersweet ending in our future to showcase the idea that Happily Ever After only happens in fairy tales or Hollywood stories? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Until next time, watch more dramas.


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