Hello Drama Clubbers and welcome back to The Best Hit Drama Club! We hope you all enjoyed the episodes as much as we did. There was a few deep moments as well as some things that were revealed. We all can't wait to see where this drama goes. Join Tiara, Logan and I as we discuss this week's episodes. 

June: Wow this drama gets better and better for me each week. There was a part that really stuck out to me and it was when Woo Seung is studying at her academy and says “We study not to become something, but we fear that we won’t become anything.” I feel like so many students and people watching this drama could relate to that so much. I know I can! When that little scene happened all I could think of was “Wow this drama just got real deep for me” Lol!

Tiara: The drama has its philosophical moments, but before it gets too deep it brings you back with a laugh. I liked the student who asked her to stop monologuing. Ha! But you’re right, this is a drama anyone can relate to no matter you age. It doesn’t matter how old you are, being an adult kind of sucks when you have dreams that either failed or are failing right before your eyes. It makes me wonder why fate dropped Hyun Jae in 2017. Is it because his dreams had come true and he’s there to help everyone else not to give up on theirs?

Logan: That's what I love about Kdramas in general, they always get me to think about things philosophically. You'll be watching, minding your own business when all of a sudden something so relatable happens and it makes you think about your own life. I'm curious about what in 2017 makes it the most important year too. Is it because everyone seems to be at the edge of losing everything they've been working for?

June: Ah the ultimate question that always pops up when I watch this drama! Why is he back in 2017? But speaking of Hyun Jae it looks like the cat is out of the bag with him questioning about why Ji Hoon has the watch and him finding out that Ji Hoon is his son. I know that has to be quite the shock for him and it just get me even more curious about what happened after the time he disappeared. Come on drama I want more answers!!

Tiara: The drama clearly is telling us Hyun Jae is Ji Hoon’s father. The watch, the ability to compose, and their sleeping habits, but I’m starting to question the drama for being too straightforward. Dramas are never this willing to give us answers. Case in point, the number on the beeper. Maybe I’m over thinking things, but I’m worried the drama is trying to misdirect us on who Ji Hoon’s father might really be. Plus I feel a little bad for Kwang Jae as he’s stepped up to become Ji Hoon’s father and has been quietly waiting for Bo Hee to see him as a man and not just a manager.

Logan: It is weird for a drama to lay things out so clearly, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Lol. Especially when there's already so many other things going on to keep things interesting.

June: That’s so true! I feel like we’ve watched so many dramas that when we get answers right away, we are skeptical about it all. But I mean who can blame us right?! The number on the beeper, ah yes. Every time I think about it I’m just like who on earth could that be! I feel bad for Kwang Jae as well. It must be hard for him and the whole Bo Hee situation, especially cause Hyun Jae is back. Ugh and love triangles are just something that I don’t like. Especially because this one involves from weird time traveling and what not.

Tiara: The problem is the time travelling aspect which makes me suspicious of the father/son thing. Is time standing still in 1993 or is moving at the same time as 2017. Hyun Jae’s notebook is connecting the time together which means 1993 shouldn’t be standing still waiting for his return. Yet, he has to return to go missing again in 1994 and of course father Ji Hoon. Kwang Jae forcing Hyun Jae to recreate his trip to the present was hilarious. I do think Kwang Jae was trying to help him go back, but a little bit of me felt he enjoying punishing Hyun Jae. He has a right to be angry with him. 20 years of angry gets to finally to come out of the source of his resentment. I’m happy Hyun Jae has someone to confide in. The kids are great, but they can’t help him with his mystery. I just hope Kwang Jae can let go of his angry a little bit to try to help Hyun Jae solve the reason why he is in 2017 and why he goes missing in 1994.

Logan: The problem is that Kwang Jae is getting mad at a version of Hyun Jae who has not yet done the things that Kwang Jae is mad at him for. He's punishing him for a crime he has yet to commit. How confusing for Hyun Jae to arrive in the future alone to find his best friend/manager now wants nothing to do with him. It'd be kinda sad if this drama didn't make it funny instead.

June: I agree! Now I really can’t wait for this week’s episodes because we were left right when Hyun Jae literally falls from the ceiling onto his own memorial table. What a shock that is going to be to the others. I just want to see how they are going to react to that!

Tiara: How does Ji Hoon not recognize Hyun Jae’s picture on the memorial table? It’s not like he didn’t get a good look at the picture. Also don’t they also know his name too? The cliffhanger this week was great and mean at the same time. I can’t wait to see this reunion with the rest of the family.

Logan: That's what has been annoying me this whole time. How has no one besides those closest to him made the connection of who he is? Especially when Ji Hoon knows Hyun Jae was his dad and what he looks like. But I think he actually may be ignoring it on purpose because he got annoyed at Woo Seung when she said something about it.

June: Seriously though, like how did it not click that hey that looks like a guy I know and even has the same name. Hmmmm, like hello! I would be asking 4657836578346 questions if that was me! Haha! But I guess not in K-Dramaland.

Tiara: I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the music part to happen. Hyun Jae, Ji Hoon, and Woo Seung have the talent to compose. Does this mean MC Drill, Hyun Jae, Ji Hoon, and Woo Seung will be the next big hit?


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