2016 was another great year in K-dramaland, supplying us addicts with countless hours of entertainment throughout the year. It's always fun to look back to see what dramas really stood out from the pack, or in this case, which kisses were the best of the best! From romantic confessions, to intense arguments, and from gorgeous sunsets, to pink locker rooms, this year was filled with so many memorable kiss scenes.

In no particular order, here are 10 amazing and unforgettable kisses from 2016!

1. Descendants of the Sun

This is likely the most beautifully shot kiss of the entire year! The sunset in the background, the heartfelt confession, and the amazing chemistry between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo makes for a perfect combination! I never get tired of replaying this scene.

2. The K2

This "Blanket Kiss" has such a great buildup filled with small talk and undeniable tension. It's almost as if they are using an invisibility cloak that isolates them from the world. Such fantastic chemistry! 

3. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

I love how deep and sincere this scene is. Your heart can't help but flutter while watching this kiss! This wonderful moment was such a rewarding scene. Where's the replay button?

4. Doctor Crush

So beautiful and sweet! Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won really know how to impress viewers with their amazing chemistry. I'm feeling faint - someone call the doctor!

5. Jealousy Incarnate

Jo Jung Suk always impresses with his kissing prowess! These two have such great intensity and passion. Even though they think they are crazy for giving into their feelings, there's no denying that they fit perfectly together!

6. Oh My Venus

While this intense scene was sadly cut short, this kiss was overflowing with heart and passion. Too bad we had to wait until later to finish what was started.

7. Answer Me 1988

If Park Bo Gum didn't already have your heart, this wonderful kiss scene will completely steal it away! The buildup was so satisfying and intense. Such a great kiss!

8. Shopping King Louis

So cute! So adorable! And so incredibly inline with Louis's character! This couple never fails to bring a gigantic smile to my face. Aren't they perfect together?

9. One Percent of Something

So much passion! I can't get over how AMAZING these two are together. Are we sure they aren't dating in real life? This kiss is pure bliss!

10. Another Oh Hae Young

Not only was Another Oh Hae Young a fantastic drama, but it also included some amazing kisses! It's so hard to choose a favorite kiss from this show, but after much thought and study, I had to go with "The Wall" kiss! The intensity is just off the charts! Even Eric Moon named this one as his favorite!

In case you want to relive more kisses from Another Oh Hae Young, be sure to check out this video of the top 3 kisses from the show!

Which 2016 K-drama kiss was your favorite? Share your thoughts below!


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