Unforgettable OST tracks and Korean dramas are practically inseparable! These songs are an essential part of the overall viewing experience, helping us connect with the characters and their emotions. 2015 produced some wonderful original soundtrack songs, aka OSTs, to go along with our favorite hit shows. From moving ballads to upbeat tracks, the following 12 songs are some of 2015's best K-drama music.

Good luck trying to get these catchy songs out of your head!

1. "Eternal Love" (Michael Learns to Rock) from Healer

Words cannot even begin to describe how amazing this song is. While all the songs from Healer are fantastic, this one in particular really stands out as the show's defining song. Whenever I listen to it, I'm instantly transported back into this epic story. I can never get enough! 

2. "Paradise" (Davink) from Falling in Love with Soon Jung

This song did such a great job setting an upbeat and exciting tone for the show. While watching this drama, I couldn't help but bounce along whenever the opening bars of this song would start to play!

3. "You Don't Know Me" (Soyou and Brother Su) from She Was Pretty

Whenever this song comes on, the scenes from the show instantly start flashing in my head. Such a sweet and fitting track for this adorable and heartwarming show!

4. Till the Morning Comes (Younha) from Late Night Restaurant

Younha's vocals never fail to impress! This song is so mesmerizing, easily sweeping its listeners into the drama's world. Be sure to listen to the final chorus — it will really blow you away!

5. "Passionate to Me" (Younha) from Pinocchio

Speaking of Younha, I had to also include her fabulous song from Pinocchio. This song is the perfect backdrop to Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye's romance, creating a warm and inspiring atmosphere. I also absolutely love this music video!

6. "Cuckoo" (Jannabi) from Twenty Again

So adorable! This song always puts me in a good mood and brings a smile to my face.

7. "A Little Girl" (Oh Hyuk) from Answer Me 1988

Such a beautiful ballad! Answer Me 1988 just keeps getting better and better, and its entire OST is absolutely stellar. Be sure to check out this great drama!

8. "Heart" (IU) from Producer

This song's light and airy tone did a great job setting the mood of this show, particularly at the end. IU's vocals are so enchanting! 

9. Crying Crying Crying (ALi) from Angry Mom

If any OST track made me cry this year, it has got to be this one! The emotions and vocals are just too powerful — how can you not be affected?!

10. "Reset" (Tiger JK ft. Jinshil) from School 2015

Ahhh this song is way too catchy! Seriously, good luck getting this one out of your head!

11. Beautiful (Baekhyun) from EXO Next Door

Such a beautiful song! I could listen to Baekhyun's soothing voice all day long. 

12. Auditory Hallucination (Jang Jae In Feat. NaShow) from Kill Me, Heal Me

And last, but certainly not least, is this amazing gem from Kill Me, Heal Me. It's impossible not to fall in love with this song's intensity and multiple layers. This remains one of my all-time favorite OST tracks. Please excuse me while I go and listen to this song on repeat for the rest of the day...

What are your favorite OST songs of the year? What other 2015 OST tracks would you add to this list? Share your thoughts below!

Happy New Year!

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