If Running Man is the only Korean variety show you know, it’s time to fix that. In the recent years, a lot of really good reality TV shows have sprouted up in Korea. Most of them broadcasted by South Korea's popular television network, JTBC. Whether you’re a sucker for Running Man style games, a K-pop fan, or a big foodie, you’ll find a show right up your alley. We’ve listed the shows by days, and there’s a new show every day of the week. Let’s browse through the best of JTBC's Korean variety shows to find your new obsession!

Monday: Running Man

An oldie but goodie, Running Man has been loved by many DramaFever fans for years. Prepare for zany quests, hilarious antics, and insane betrayals as your favorite Korean actors battle it out, and fight their way to the finish line. New episodes are added every Monday.

Tuesday: Take Care of My Fridge

You go grocery shopping and get some fresh produce, but end up throwing away a pretty good chunk of it after a couple of weeks. It’s understandable. We’ve all been there. These celebrities, however, have the luxury of salvaging their ingredients sitting quietly in their refrigerator. On Take Care of My Fridge, also known as Chef & My Fridge or Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, the production team raids two celebrity guests’ houses, and--quite literally--transports their refrigerators to the studio. At the studio, eight chefs must transform mundane ingredients in those refrigerators into gourmet meals under 15 minutes.

Chef Gordon Ramsay has starred in an episode (Watch preview here), and so have K-pop stars like Wanna One and BTS. BIGBANG’s Seungri starred in the latest episode.


Take Care of My Fridge

Starring Kim Sung Ju and Ahn Jung Hwan

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Wednesday: Men on a Mission

If you love Running Man, Men on a Mission (also known as Knowing Bros) will be right up your alley. In this talk show, comedians in high school uniforms banter with celebrity “transfer students” in a classroom. Cha Eun Woo and Im Soo Hyang starred in one of the recent episodes and revealed a huge spoiler from My ID is Gangnam Beauty.


Men on a Mission

Starring Kang Ho Dong and Lee Su Geun

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Thursday: Let's Eat Dinner Together

Watch the two MCs, Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Kyu, and Winner's Jinwoo and Mino walk around the neighborhood in Samsung-dong to join a random family for dinner in the video above. My ID is Gangnam Beauty’s Im Soo Hyang has also made an appearance for mukbang.


Let's Eat Dinner Together

Starring Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Kyu

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Friday: Real Series

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Korean actor was like when they were a bit younger? Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Yoo Jung, Yeo Jin Goo, and Shin Se Kyung were only emerging stars when Real Series was filmed in 2012 through 2013. In this old but new-to-us reality show, you can follow the stars travel around the world in a Grandpas Over Flowers format. Explore Tokyo’s food scenes with Song Joong Ki, tour Los Angeles’s attractions with Kim Yoo Jung, backpack through Italy with Yeo Jin Goo, and check out the beach in Cairns, Australia, with Lee Jong Suk. Real Series (also known as I’m Real or Real Journeys) premieres on DramaFever Aug. 24. Add it to watchlist here.


Real Series

Starring Song Joong Ki and Shin Se Kyung

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Also on Friday: Outsider

Outsider (also known as Stranger) is probably the first reality show that focuses on Korean diaspora. The first three guests are Korean celebrities who live abroad: MLB player Choo Shin Soo in Texas, actress Seo Min Jung of Unstoppable High Kick in New York City, and classical pianist Sunwoo Yekwon in Munich. In one of the recent episodes, model Han Hyun Min of Nigerian and Korean descent starred with his family.

Saturday: Would You Be My Friend?

Celebrities travel abroad to make friends with people who live in a different culture and speak a different language. Lee Soo Geun and his son travel to Bhutan, Oh Yeon Soo to a lemon farm in Italy, Yoon Hu in an elementary school in the United States, and more. Would You Be My Friend? (also known as My Foreigner Friend) premieres on DramaFever soon. Get notified when it premieres by adding it to watchlist here.

Saturday & Sunday: Off to School

If you’ve been a fan of high school dramas, you’ll love this show. Celebrities attend a real high school for three days, partaking in academic to athletic activities. Notable guests include Nam Joo Hyuk, Kang Nam, Lee Jung Shin, and Shaquille O'Neal. Off to School (also known as I’m Going to School) premieres on DramaFever Aug. 25. Add it to watchlist here.


Off to School

Starring Kang Nam and Kim Jeong Hoon

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