The end of the year always includes a slew of awards shows, which, of course, means that we have a parade of gorgeous Korean stars walking the red carpet in stunning fashion. Who rocked the red carpet this year? Check out 20 actors and actresses (in no particular order) who impressed us with their style at recent awards shows. Vote on which ones you liked best!

If you follow Korean red carpet trends, you know that the red carpet generally turns into a sea of plain white dress after plain white dress. Here are some actresses who tried something a little different and managed to stand out from the crowd:

1.  Choi Jeong Won (SBS Drama Awards)

Choi Jung Won's gown felt like a warm summer breeze on the December red carpet. The bright color and flowing cut made for a refreshing overall look.

2. Kang Byul (KBS Drama Awards)

Going for a pantsuit instead of a gown is always a bold move, but Kang Byul pulls it off effortlessly. From the white hair down to the sleek shoes, she looks chic and cool from head to toe.

3.  Ha Ji Won (BIFF)

Ha Ji Won's sleek look for the Busan International Film Festival was an absolute showstopper. Slay, Ha Ji Won!

4.  Son Ye Jin (BIFF)

Son Ye Jin had better thank her lucky stars that the BIFF red carpet was so windy. The dress was a fairly standard white red carpet gown when holding still, but the movement on this dress makes her look like an angel.

5.  Lizzy (MBC Drama Awards)

I love Lizzy's fun and flirty look! I'm also feeling a major twinge of shoe envy over those strappy heels.

6.  Park So Dam (BIFF)

Because It's the First Time's Park So Dam made the film awards circuit this year for her films The Priests and The Silenced, her two biggest roles of her FIVE (!!!!) films this year. So far, she always looks classy on the red carpet, but this architectural skirt with its tiny hint of lace was my favorite of her looks. In fact, this might be my personal favorite of anyone's red carpet looks this year.

7.  Kim Suh Hyung (Daejong Film Awards)

It's a fairly simple dress, and yet I find this entire look so elegant and well executed. I especially love her red lipstick and the small train that gives the dress that little extra bit of drama.

8.  Sooyoung (MBC Drama Awards)

Sooyoung generally knocks it out of the park with her red carpet picks, and this dress is no exception. The color is gorgeous, and she looks exquisite in it.

9.  Kim Yoo Jung (SBS Drama Awards)

Kim Yoo Jung is in that in-between stage where she's still a teen, but she's transitioning into more adult roles.This pink gown straddles that line perfectly, making her look sweet and age-appropriate without dressing like a little kid. I definitely prefer it to her all-black ensemble for the MBC Drama Awards, which was pretty, but a bit too too heavy and sad-looking for someone her age.

10.  Kim Hyun Joo (SBS Drama Awards)

I love the red shade of this dress, and the cut is incredibly flattering. It's sexy without going over the top.

11.  Han Chae Ah (KBS Drama Awards)

Han Chae Ah makes the cut for being one of very few actresses to even attempt to wear a print on the red carpet this year. The hanbok-inspired skirt shape might not work on everyone, but Han Chae Ah looks lovely.

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And now, for the gentlemen. It's a little harder to stand out from the crowd when everyone's a handsome man in a tux, but some actors took risks with their looks that paid off. Others on our best-dressed list wore traditional tuxes, but wore them really, really well.

12.  Park Seo Joon (Daejong Film Awards)

The blue velvet coat has been a very popular look for Korean actors over the last couple of years. Sometimes it really works, and sometimes it just really doesn't, and most of the time it comes down to tailoring. Park Seo Joon shows just how classy the color can look with the right fit. Get the wrong cut, and you'll end up looking like a boxy blueberry.

13.  Lee Soo Hyuk (MBC Drama Awards)

Honestly, I kept going back and forth on whether I hate this look or love it. On the one hand, I kind of feel like I'm looking at a Magic Eye book and that a secret shape will appear if I stare long enough. On the other hand, it's interesting and eye-catching, and if anyone can pull it off, it's Lee Soo Hyuk. I ultimately decided to say it was a fashion win, though maybe I've just been hypnotized by the coat.

14. So Ji Sub (KBS Drama Awards)

When everyone's wearing basically the same thing, it's the little details that count. While So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah didn't have time to actually showcase their outfits on the red carpet, I want to give So Ji Sub some credit for those snazzy shoes and the little pocket square that nicely matches Shin Min Ah's dress. I do wish his pants were a teeeeeeensy bit longer, but I won't quibble over a generally excellent outfit. (Shin in Ah's dress is also very cute.)

15.  Ji Sung (MBC Drama Awards)

And now, for a few guys who just look really, really good in traditional tuxes. I like the subtle sheen on Ji Sung's choice. He looks Daesang-worthy in this outfit!

16.  Joo Won (SBS Drama Awards)

SBS Daesang winner Joo Won cleans up handsomely in a crisp tux. I particularly appreciate that in a season of highwater pants everywhere, Joo Won's actually hit the tops of his shoes.

17.  Lee Won Geun (KBS Drama Awards)

Lee Won Geun hasn't had the chance to attend too many awards shows yet, but he certainly knows how to wear a tux! There's something about his look that reminds me of Old Hollywood charisma.

18.  Namgoong Min (SBS Drama Awards)

Playing off of his double villain roles this year, Namgoong Min decided to go with a sexy all-black ensemble. Clearly, the villain look works for him.

19.  Lee Min Ho (Blue Dragon Awards)

Speaking of all black, it's no secret that Lee Min Ho looks nice in a suit, but I appreciate that he went with something a little different for the Blue Dragon Awards. The slight sheen on the jacket makes it interesting without being overly shiny.

20.  Yoo Ah In

For me, Yoo Ah In wins the men's style category. He looks like he stepped right out of a 1920s gangster film, in the best way possible. It's not often that I use the word "dapper" to describe someone, but in this case, I think it fits.

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Whose red carpet looks were your favorites this awards season? These were just a few of my personal top picks, but it was impossible to include everyone (especially with all of the handsome actors rocking their suits). Who else would you include? Share your thoughts in the comments!