After all, we are not the only ones excited about The Bride of the Water God premiere! On Tuesday, June 27, 2017, the K-drama actors spilled the beans on why they decided to film The Bride of the Water God in the drama’s press conference. Scroll down to see why they are so hyped about the fantasy romantic comedy!

1 Director Kim Byung Soo

“We looked for actors who look as god-like and fantasy-like as possible. We also wanted to work with young, fresh actors instead of casting actors who are already established.”

2 Nam Joo Hyuk

“I felt burdened to fit in (to the original cartoon character), but the story appealed to me ... When I told friends I was cast (as a god), they remarked, 'You?' It could've meant good or bad.”

Nam Joo Hyuk added his "will be a different character" from that of Gong Yoo's in Goblin.

3 Shin Se Kyung

"The original cartoon was loved so much, and the drama is a spinoff (of the original). Instead of feeling burdened by the original, I'm looking forward to the drama version of the much-loved cartoon. I've also wanted to play a doctor. I wanted to give this drama a try because the way the romance develops and the way the characters' traumas unravel are very well explained.”

4 Krystal Jung

“I found it attractive that the script was an easy read. There has never been a goddess in Korean dramas. Since I was going to be the first, I worked hard to play one, especially on poses and expressions in the eyes.”

5 Im Ju Hwan

"Since I am older and more experienced (than the other actors), I plan to focus on my character, which I think is the way to help the other actors and the drama.”

The Bride of the Water God premieres July 3 on DramaFever. In the meantime, check out five romantic dramas to get you ready for the premiere.


The Bride of the Water God (Habaek)

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