As our series concludes, many of the issues plaguing us are resolved and new beginnings for some of our love-to-hate gods are revealed. So join Cici, Amy, Taleena and myself, Janet, as we discuss the final episodes of The Bride of the Water God.

Taleena: The final episode: where was this all series? They really pulled it together with the final episode. They had real feels between Habaek, So Ah, and Hoo Ye - although not in the weird way that reads, as. I am digging my grave deeper here. I finally felt real emotion between So Ah and Habaek and So Ah and Hoo Ye. The connection between So Ah’s father and Hoo Ye made a lot of Hoo Ye’s story line make sense to me. The draw that So Ah had on Hoo Ye, without the Second Lead feel clicked into place. Even when Habaek was growly over the breakfast table with Hoo Ye, I never felt like Hoo Ye was angling for a romance with So Ah.


Cici: I would agree with you about the relationship between Hoo Ye and So Ah, and I was really relieved to discover the connection they had through So Ah’s father. And while I still think Hoo Ye would have liked a romantic relationship with her, he was satisfied being a good person and helping her find happiness with Habaek. Sigh. I still love him.

Amy: Well, these final two episodes were definitely more interesting for me than the whole middle of the drama. It seems like the writers finally got their act together and even the acting seemed better on our leads’ parts. It was nice to see Habaek finally express something other than confidence and conceitedness. I thought that Hoo Ye was attracted to So Ah more for her caring personality than romantically. I didn’t feel that kind of chemistry between them so I was happy with the way their relationship turned out.

Cici: So many things happened in episode 16, but it didn't feel rushed or contrived, just satisfying. So hooray! But I was really hoping for another kiss like the staircase kiss in episode 14. Wow. I felt that one!


Taleena: I still don’t get the deal with Moo Ra and Bi Ryeom. It seems too frothy and silly and not connected to these supposedly deep emotions over past hurts and tensions that they had to deal with in the realm of the gods.

Cici: I’ve read so many comments online about how Krystal’s character, Moo Ra, was what saved the drama, and I still can’t see it. I found her pretty annoying the whole time, and kind of begrudged her the screen time she took away from the OTP. It seemed weird and out of character the way she and Bi Ryeom finally hooked up.

Amy: I agree with you, Cici. I don’t think she lent much to the story. I guess we just needed more pretty scenery? I don’t know. I did like Bi Ryeom so I wanted the romance to work out for him but the way they came together just seemed weird and forced. They could have done more with that.

Janet: Absolutely! So much of their screen time was “filler”. They could have enhanced the story so much more than they were allowed. They could have filled in more of the gaping holes that were only alluded to during conversations.

Taleena: OH MY Gracious! So Ah’s dad! I was so sad during the reveal of what happened when she jumped from the bridge. I honestly thought that it would be revealed that Hoo Ye would have helped her and couldn’t remember it. That the mystery of the missing parent would be resolved in such a sad way came out of the blue for me.

Amy: I was thrown off by the dad mystery too. I’m happy with how they resolved it, though. When she went in the water to get him I was afraid that they would find a way to bring him back to life. That would not have been good in my opinion. Just too much cheese. Ha ha! Yes it was sad but So Ah got the answers she wanted and she learned that her dad did care for her even if he did give other kids more attention.

Cici: I was so far off the mark with this one! First I suspected Habaek of saving So Ah, then I thought it was Hoo Ye. But it never occurred to me that it was her dad. Then I completely thought that her dad would be brought back to life through the power Habaek gave her with that kiss. Her dad was in that protective bubble, after all. But apparently, he had been dead the entire time. As it turned out, it was only through retrieving his body that she was able to get the servant’s crest, and be granted a final wish. Now that was one detail that had been mentioned earlier, but whose significance I totally missed.

Janet:  When Joo Dong said he couldn’t find his crest, I assumed that he was referring to the mark on Hoo Ye’s chest that sporadically appeared. I’m still not sure what that was all about.

Taleena: The kiss/wish seemed like a good work around and cop out all at the same time. Like wishing for more wishes, So Ah got her dad resolved AND was going to do the noble sacrifice thingy. Whereas the Habaek learns his lesson without realizing was at once both more predictable and more satisfying.

Amy: I’m still not sure how I feel about the way they tied up So Ah and Habaek’s issues. I was thinking she would get to go to the god realm with him and they’d just live together forever but he is going to stay with So Ah. Does that mean she’ll age and he won’t? I know Habaek won’t mind but I would assume it would be a little weird for So Ah. She should’ve just gone with him. Ha ha!

Cici: I know, right? I totally got the Twilight Bella/Edward vibes in that situation. But I thought it was sweet that instead of asking to go with him, she just asked him to stay with her as long as she lived. It was like she didn’t want to ask for anything too big or inconvenient. After all, forty years or so in the gods’ time is practically nothing. Besides, would you want to spend eternity avoiding the likes of Moo Ra???

Amy: You’re right and I can see why So Ah made her wish the way she did but man. It is going to stink for Habaek when she dies and he can’t be with her anymore.

Janet:  Well, aren’t Moo Ra and Bi Ryeom confined to the human world? Or are they allowed to travel back to the gods realm since they no longer have to guard the gods stones? Maybe So Ah figured they would be gone and out of her hair.

Cici: Moo Ra mentioned how anxious she was to get back to the gods’ realm so often, I just assumed that once Habaek completed his mission, they could all go back. He did that, though not in the way she imagined he would, but I think she and Bi Ryeom still returned. It seems like the High Priest is the only one who can come and go to the human world whenever he wants. Speaking of which, wasn’t he a cool character? It was neat the way he had played different characters and helped them out all along.


Amy: Definitely a cool character! I wish we could have seen more of him and Joo Dong because I liked both of their characters a lot. I would have liked to have gotten to learn more about them instead of Moo Ra and Ja Ya. Speaking of Ja Ya, it was nice to see her finally understanding what Hoo Ye’s assistant meant by becoming a decent person and actually making an effort. Sure she has a long way to go but at least she was doing something.

Cici: With the exception of Moo Ra, I found the character development of all the characters, main and side alike, quite satisfying. That says a lot for the quality of the drama. And I really enjoyed the way the resolution of so many issues was saved for the final episode. It kept me interested the entire time. This drama gets two thumbs up from me!


All in all, we all enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the final episodes, where the acting, the emotion and the story all came together! Share your thoughts in the comments below!


The Bride of the Water God (Habaek)

Starring Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung

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