We’re getting some answers but with our answers come more questions! What will Habaek and So Ah do now that Habaek is back? Will Hoo Ye turn even more evil? How will Bi Ryeom cope now that everyone knows what Hoo Ye did? Come discuss it with Cici, Janet, Taleena, and Amy!

Amy: Habaek is back! To, you know, love and say goodbye properly. I have mixed feelings about this. It is very romantic and sweet but at the same time won’t that make saying goodbye that much harder? More pain is not fun.


Cici: Exactly. He is back to check to make sure that she is properly miserable without him, to make sure she understands just how jealous he is of any of her male friends, and to give her more kisses that will ensure that she never gets over him. I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.

Janet: It’s only hard if he says good-bye! Somehow, I can’t see this big romance ending. There is a method to all this, we just have to figure it out! I know it will be explained eventually, but I’m going crazy trying to see which of the scenarios it will be.

Taleena: Surely, the Big Thing Habaek has to do is get a Bride and not stones, right?

Amy: Yeah. I have a feeling they’ll stay together but I’m not sure how yet which is pleasant. I like not knowing what will happen. So speaking of jealousy, how do you think Hoo Ye is going to hold up with Habaek being back and his breakdown over killing someone? Soo Ah swooped in and helped him but that is not going to help the romantic feelings he has for her at all.


Cici: It’s weird. I do not have Second Lead Syndrome for Hoo Ye--I really can’t see him as anything other than So Ah’s friend. But the more I find out about his backstory, and the way the gods have dealt with him, the sorrier for him I feel. That cave scene where he kills everyone? 1) He was just a child who had no idea how to control his powers. 2) He never asked for those powers in the first place. They were given to him by the Sky God, his father. It seems completely irrational for Bi Ryeom to still hate him for that.

Janet: So, obviously, there is more to it . . . like maybe they are related? Half brothers? How does that tie-in with So Ah’s ancestor? At first, I thought she was the mother, but Habaek said she was the first human woman he had seen in thousands of years. How long does it take gods and half gods to age? For every answer we get, we also get more questions!

Taleena: I am digging the half brother angle. I love secret siblings in a drama.

Amy: So many questions. It may be hard to fit everything in two more episodes! I hope they don’t leave anything out. I’m intrigued by the dream So Ah’s psychic friend keeps having too. Who saves So Ah and how? Also, will So Ah’s friend and Habaek’s servant get together? Haha!

Janet: And now the question of reincarnation has raised its head. Is this the gods’ way of giving Habaek another chance at love? Is she some kind of test they must both pass to win the prize (love and immortality)? Again, for all the answers we’ve gotten, there are so many more questions!

Cici: Wait, I must have missed something. Reincarnation? As in, So Ah is Nak Bin’s reincarnation? Is that what Hoo Ye meant when he asked her if he had seen her somewhere long ago and far away? Oooo...that could make sense. And this time she gets the chance to not betray Habaek, and he gets the chance to defend her no matter what. I like it! I just hope the gods don’t push Hoo Ye to the point where he kills everyone who tries to interfere with So Ah. Again.

Amy: I was thinking Hoo Ye had heard So Ah’s dad tell Hoo Ye not to move. Like, So Ah’s dad was the one who rescued Hoo Ye. She could be the reincarnation of Habaek’s first love, though! That would be interesting. I’m not sure the gods are going to leave Hoo Ye alone now that they all know what he did but hopefully So Ah will be able to deter them.

Janet: But gods being gods, they probably know the whole story. Maybe in passing the torch to Haebek, they are turning over more to the “younger generation” and are trying to reunite the old friends and give them closure/heal old wounds.

Taleena: I completely missed any reincarnation stuff. I have just been trying to figure out what Hoo Ye’s deal is. It has always seemed frustrating that Bi Ryeom just never let up on Hoo Ye, always picking at him. Obviously, Hoo Ye was repressing a whole heck of a lot, but I don’t think that old wounds are necessarily getting healed here. When Hoo Ye accidently killed someone, I didn’t think even So Ah could do much for Hoo Ye as an intercessor with the others.

Cici: True. And taking his side will only make Habaek more jealous, and the others more angry. Does So Ah even know what happened in the past, or how Hoo Ye lost it in his latest confrontation with Bi Ryeom, and almost killed his assistant? I wonder what her reaction will be when she finds out the whole story. It is apparent that Hoo Ye still doesn’t have really great control over his powers,or his temper. That makes him dangerous, which just makes me frustrated and sad. I really don't want the gods to have any justifiable reasons to destroy Hoo Ye.


Amy: I know that Hoo Ye killed Bi Ryeom’s friend when he was a child but I totally get why that would affect Bi Ryeom now. I don’t think time moves as slowly for immortal gods like it does for us humans. Add that to the fact that he has been holding everything in and it makes for an explosion when Bi Ryeom decides to let it all go. The Bi Ryeom/Hoo Ye combo is definitely dangerous.

Taleena: I just have no idea how they are going to resolve the Hoo Ye story with him as this sympathetic quasi-bad guy he is now. They have made it pretty explicit that he is not being malicious with his destructive powers, and unless he snaps and goes full evil I can’t see a good resolution for him. By the same token, he is WAY too sympathetic for him to be full evil at the end. Okay, basically I have no idea where any of this is going other than the OTP will get together. Right?

Cici: It looks like it, but remember how Hoo Ye has said that the one thing he is really good at is waiting? And we finally found out what will happen to Habaek if he doesn’t go back--he will “become extinct.” So Habaek has to leave. Again. And Hoo Ye will be there forever. ARGH! I’m with you, Taleena, I have NO IDEA how this is all going to be resolved in two more episodes!

Janet: Easy resolution: Habaek feels responsible, so he takes Hoo Ye under his wing to teach him how to control his powers - since no one ever helped him before. So Ah achieves Goddess status and they all return to the water country where they all live happily ever after. And remember, Bi Ryeom was throwing thunderbolts around when they lost the god stones, so no one is perfect!

Taleena: OR, Janet, they could all contract a freak strain of amnesia and the last episode ends on a meet cute 10 years later. It could happen. It’s a drama.

Amy: I just want everything to be tied up in a pretty bow. I’m ready to see what happens next week!

What do you think? Will we get answers to all of our questions? What are your predictions for the end of this drama? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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