Do you miss Boys Over Flowers? Besides watching the hit K-drama over and over again here on DramaFever, it's impossible not to long for the cast to be reunited again. Although there are no plans for a BOF2, I can tell you what the main cast has been up to since the 2009 series wrapped.

1. Geum Jan Di (actress Gu Hye Sun

Before Boys Over Flowers, she was already an aspiring singer. Since her role on the series, her resume has expanded to movie director, producer, and author. She wrote and directed the films MagicFragments of Sweet Memories, and Daughter. Gu's company Gu Hye Sun Film was established in 2011, and her movie The Peach Tree was the first project made under the company. The star composed the soundtrack for the film and released a book based on the movie. Her best-selling book Tango was a semi-autobiographical novel. After mentioning all that, I haven't even made a dent in her accomplishments since 2009!

The young beauty has starred in many dramas over the past few years. You know her best from Angel Eyes, where she was nominated for a DramaFever Award. Her next role will be in Blood.

2. Goo Joon Pyo (actor Lee Min Ho)

Besides becoming Asia's heartthrob, Lee Min Ho has illuminated the small and silver screens with his now-seasoned acting. He has landed leading roles in the following dramas:Personal Taste.City HunterFaith, and Heirs. He returned to the silver screen last month in the noir action film Gangnam Blues.

3. Yoon Ji Hoo (actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong)

The former SS501 member has excelled as a solo artist with a string of hit singles and albums. "Break Down," "Lucky," "Round 3," and "Timing" ranked high on the charts in South Korea. His numerous releases in Japan, namely "Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy," "Tonight," and "Unlimited," enjoyed chart-topping success as well. Kim's TV shows Playful KissInspiring Generation, and Barefoot Friends fell short in the TV ratings department, but Playful Kiss was very popular internationally, and the cancelled series City Conquest was picked up for a special episode zero broadcasting in Japan.

Unfortunately, he was charged with physically assaulting his girlfriend in August of 2014. The "Unbreakable" singer was fined $5,000.

4. So Yi Jung (actor Kim Bum)

The hot actor continues to make fangirls swoon in several dramas since 2009. He has starred in DreamThe Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, That Winter, the Wind Blows, and Goddess of Fire, among others. In 2013, Kim had a public romance with his Goddess of Fire co-star Moon Geun Young before they broke up in May 2014.

He also starred in the Chinese film Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon.

5.Song Woo Bin (actor and singer Kim Joon

Kim and his band T-Max, who sang the theme song for Boys Over Flowers, parted ways in 2011. He joined TV dramas, variety series, a movie, and the military since his role as Woo Bin. He has been part of the television shows Haptic Mission, Pygmalion’s Love, Invincible Baseball, Detectives in Trouble, and Endless Love. His Japanese film Lupin III hit theaters last summer. In September 2011, he enlisted for his mandatory military service. He was discharged in June 2013. 

6. Chu Ga Eul (actress Kim So Eun)

Kim has become a popular actress and endorsement model since her Boys Over Flowers days. She has appeared in K-dramas like He Who Can't Marry, A Thousand KissesThe Horse Doctor, web series After School: Lucky or Not, and Liar Game. Last year, her movies Mourning Grave and Entangled hit theaters, and she recently appeared on reality series We Got Married with actor Song Jae Rim. Kim's endorsements include Clean and Clear, Samsung Anycall, J.Estina, Maxim Coffee, Clinique Cosmetics, and more.

The pretty star has been a goodwill ambassador for the 2009 Korea International Youth Film Festival, 2009 University Fashion Week, 2010 G-20 Seoul summit, 2011 Jeonju International Film Festival, and 2014 Golden Film Festival.

7. Joon Pyo's mother, Kang Hee So (actress Lee Hye Young)

Veteran actress Lee continued her acting career. Her most notable works are the K-drama Can You Heart My Heart, the movie The Devil's Game, and her on-stage role in the play Hedda Gabler.

8. Joon Pyo's sister, Goo Joon Hee (actress Kim Hyun Joo)

The lovely actress traveled to Canada after she wrapped filming her role on the series. She spent ten days in Vancouver, Whistler, and Victoria to film the documentary ECO Canada by Kim Hyun-joo. She released an essay and photo book titled Hyun-joo's Handcrafted Story in December of the same year. As a goodwill ambassdor for Good Neighbors, Goo did volunteer work in Bangladesh and the Philippines in 2010. She has been part of several productions. Partner, Twinkle Twinkle, and What's With This Family are just a few of the projects she has starred in. Last year, she was the host of the music variety program Musical Journey to Yesterday.

9. Jan Di's brother Geum Kang San (actor Park Ji bin)

He is all grown up now! The 19-year-old star has graduated high school and continued his acting career. The young actor has landed major and minor roles in the following K-dramas: Queen Seon Duk, Wish Upon a Star, May Queen, Incarnation of Money, and The Suspicious Housekeeper. He also appeared in the movies Miracle and Children of Heaven.

Which cast member are you anxious to know more about that is not included on this list?

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