You ask; DramaFever delivers! Following the explosive response to my first article about the cast of Boys Over Flowers in the present day, I decided to follow up with guest stars you inquired about and a few more favorites.

1. Ji Hoo's first love, model Min Seo Hyun (actress and model Han Chae Young)

Korea's top beauty has been juggling her career and motherhood! She gave birth to her son in August 2013. Chae starred in South Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dramas over the six-year time span. You can watch her in a few productions she played in following her brief appearance in Boys Over Flowers. DramaFever offers A Man Called God,Pretty Man, and the movie Girlfriends for your viewing pleasure. 

2. Jan Di's friend at Shinhwa High School, Oh Min Ji (actress Lee Si Young)

Lee maintained her acting career and boxing. Her love of boxing started after she began training for a 2010 K-drama role. The series never materialized, but she stayed true to the sport. That same year, she entered the 7th Annual Women's Amateur Boxing Competition and the women's 50-kg category in the 10th KBI National Lifestyle Athletics Boxing Championship and won! She competed in additional championships since then and has done very well. After winning the 24th National Amateur Boxing Championships in her weight category, she was the first South Korean entertainer to become a national team athlete for any sport. The talented star was named Goodwill Ambassador for the 2014 Asian Games. She even joined the Incheon City boxing team.

Her accolades for boxing are beyond impressive! Lee has appeared in several dramas and variety shows since her guest starring role on BOF. You may have seen her in The Birth of The RichGolden CrossPlayful Kiss, PoseidonWild RomanceRunning Man, and Happy Together

3. Twin brothers Lee Min Ha and Lee Jae Ha, aka model Haje (actor and model Jung Ui Chul)

He is one of my personal favorites! Jung appeared in the movies Five Senses of Eros and Closer to Heaven the same year BOF debuted. He landed the leading role of Chul Soo in the 2011 movie Yeosu. In 2012, the handsome star had a part in Shut Up Flower Boy Bandand a cameo appearance in Vampire Prosecutor.

He has been inactive in productions for the past two years.

4.. Goo Jun Pyo's fiancee, Ha Jae Kyung (actress Lee Min Jung

She is now Mrs. Lee Byung Hun! The lovely actress, who is due to give birth in April, has played in a string of productions since 2009. She scored leading roles in Smile,You, Midas,BigAll About Romance, and Sly And Single Again. Lee has even built an impressive resume in the movie department with films like Cyrano AgencyLove On-Air, and more. 

The leading lady married Lee Byung Hun in August 2013. 

5. Yi Jung's estranged older brother, So Il Hyun (actor Im Ju Hwan)

He acted in the movie Suspicious Customers and a few K-dramas. You can watch him in his roles after BOF, right here on DramaFever. His resume includes the following K-dramas: Tamra, The Island, Hyunhaetan Marriage WarWhat's Up, and the currently airing series Shine or Go Crazy

The star enlisted in the military in May of 2011, and he was discharged in February of 2013. During his military term, Im spent months in the military hospital for an undisclosed heart condition.

6. Yi Jung's first love, Cha Eun Jae (actress Park Soo Jin)

The former Sugar member acted in several dramas.The most popular ones she appeared in are Queen Seon DukMy Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox, and Flower Boy Next Door. She was part of five movies, including Searching for The Elephany and One Perfect Day.

7. SS501's Kim Hyung Joon, Heo Young Saeng, and Kim Kyu Jong

SS501 will always be one, but their last official album "Destination" was in 2010. Kim, Heo and Kim embarked on solo careers in the years following. Heo Young Saeng released four mini albums in South Korea and two studio albums in Japan. "Let It Go" was his debut K-pop album and "Over joyed" was the J-pop debut. He transitioned into a stage actor in the musicals The Three Musketeers and Summer Snow Musical. In addition to his variety show appearances and role on the sitcom I Need A Fairy, he enlisted in the military in October of 2013.

Kim Hyung Joon became a solo artist with six K-pop album and single releases and one J-Pop EP. "My Girl" was the title of his solo debut EP, while "Long Night" was his Japanese debut. The charitable star tried theater roles and starred in K-dramas like Late Blossom, I Summon You, Gold and Melody of Love. He also acted in the movie Rough Play

Kim Kyu Jong joined the musical Goong as the male lead Prince Lee Shin, released his debut mini album "Turn Me On" and acted in the K-drama Saving Madame Go Bong Shil. He enlisted in the military in July of 2012, and he was discharged in July of 2014. 

Which guest star is your favorite?

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