One of the best things about the new high school series Cheer Up is the full cast of supporting characters. The Real King and Baek Ho clubs may still be rivals in the series, but the actors are already building close friendships, as evidenced by these cute behind-the-scenes photos from the set!

In the first set of shots (above), Lee Won GeunJi SooEunji, and N are all eating around a table together. Too bad no one told Lee Won Geun about their group pose! The actors have reportedly become close during the filming, chatting and practicing together between scenes. It helps that they're all relatively close in age, with N (25) as the eldest and Eunji (22) as the youngest of the group.

In the next set of pics, we see even more of the cast, with the Real King kids goofing off together and some candid shots of our leads. I love that one of Lee Won Geun smiling as he climbs the rope!

Doesn't this cast have amazing chemistry so far? I'm so excited to see them doing some actual cheerleading together!

Don't forget to watch the latest episode tonight, and you can catch up on the rest of the series below:

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