Exactly ten years ago, historical hit Hong Gil Dong was getting ready to air its highly anticipated finale. The Korean retelling of the classic Robin Hood story hooked viewers for 24 straight episodes, and true fans of the show have never forgotten it. What is the original cast up to these days? It's time to check in with the 10 actors and find out.

1. Kang Ji Hwan (Hong Gil Dong)

This month, he stars in the OCN fantasy crime series Children of A Lesser God. The 39 year-old leading man took 2017 off after accepting the starring role in the 2016 melodrama Monster.

2. Sung Yu Ri (Heo Yi Nok/Ryu Yi Nok)

For the time being, the 37 year-old star is taking a much needed break from acting. After marrying the love of her life, golfer Ahn Sung Hyun, in May 2017, she has been keeping a low profile since Monster wrapped in September 2016. She reunited with her Hong Gil Dong co-star Kang Ji Hwan in Monster.

3. Jang Geun Suk (Lee Chang Hwi)

In February, the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics' honorary ambassador released his drama film Human, Space, Time and Human at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival. After guest starring on the tVN fantasy series Hwayugi, the 30 year-old actor started filming his upcoming SBS legal show Switch: Change the World.

4. Kim Ri Na (Seo Eun Hye)

The 32 year-old actress went on hiatus after 2015. The last time we saw her on-screen was in Healer and Bubblegum.

5. Kim Jae Seung (Hong In Hyung)

In November 2017, his supporting role in the KBS2 daily drama Lovers in Bloom came to an end. Prior to this popular romantic show about police officers, he was part of the 2014 tvN daily drama Family Secrets, 2014 dramas My Secret Hotel (tVN), Bad Guys (OCN) and the film A Touch of Unseen.

6. Cha Hyun Jung (Jung Mal Nyeo)

Hong Gil Dong must have made a lasting impression on many of the stars, because this 34 year-old actress is another one who acted for awhile and took a long hiatus. The last drama you may remember seeing her in was the 2014 MBC daily drama Everybody Kimchi.

7. Park Sang Wook (Shim Soo Geun)

After Healer wrapped in 2015, the 42 year-old actor joined the cast of the mystery thriller Wanted the following year. He took 2017 off, and we are still waiting on news of his first production of 2018.

8. Choi Ran (Court Lady Noh/Noh Sang Kong)

The 57 year-old veteran has been taking a break for the last year. The last production she was part of was the 2016 KBS2 daily drama Secrets of Women.

9. Ahn Suk Hwan (Seo Yoon Sup/ Eun Hye's father)

He is another acting veteran, but he loves multitasking every year. Last year, the 58 year-old talent accepted key supporting roles in Rebel: Thief of the People, Lookout and the tVN series Live Up to Your Name. He was also cast in the upcoming JTBC rom-com Clean With Passion For Now.

10. Jung Eun Pyo (the monk/ Gil Dong's master)

The 51 year-old actor just wrapped up his role in Cross. He had a nice long break in 2017 following his role in the 2016 MBC historical series The Flower in Prison.

Which star's career have you been following religiously since Hong Gil Dong ended in 2008?


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