Who doesn't love watching cute babies, especially when their parents are celebrities? The Return of Superman series has been making us go ‘aww’ since its premiere in 2014. This reality show has been so successful that it even got an American remake in 2016. In addition, it has welcomed superstar guests including Girls' Generation, BIG BANG, EXO, Super Junior, Gu Hye Sun, Jang Geun Suk, and professor Kelly and his kids from the viral BBC video. A handful of children have joined and left the show. Let’s see how much they’ve grown since they left!

Choo Sarang

Sarang’s mother and model Yano Shiho, occasionally updates fans with photos of Sarang on Instagram. In the latest photos we saw Sarang sporting a much longer hair style with the same cute bangs she’d had while on the show. MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon and Sarang had been original cast members of the show since the 2013 pilot episode. They left the show in 2016 but made an appearance with Song Il Kook and his triplets later that year.


Tablo and Kang Hye Jung’s daughter Haru has her own Instagram, which her mother runs. In the latest posted photo, she appears more stylish than ever. Follow her now for a weekly dose of kids’ fashion.

Song Triplets

Hop on over to Song Il Kook’s Instagram, which is an archive of the triplets’ photos. The boys turned six last month, but Dae Han looks old enough to be a third grader, according to his father.

Joon Seo and Joon Woo

Actor Jang Hyun Sung’s oldest son Joon Woo turned 16 this year. “He’s very curious about different jobs these days,” Hyun Sung said on a talk show in February. “He’s said he wants to become a writer and firefighter.”

Also this February, Hyun Sung and Joon Woo worked on the Korean dub for the documentary ‘March of the Penguins 2: The Next Step.’

Soda Siblings

Actor Lee Bum Soo's kids So Eul and Da Eul have grown so tall, and are looking so fine! The actor left the show in May 2017 to focus on acting.

Uhm Ji On

How cute is this five-year-old in her kindergarten uniform? We want to know what she's so excited about in these photos! Her mother Yoon Hye Jin looks chic as usual, taking her outfit up a notch with a neck scarf.


Do you remember actor Ki Tae Yong taking care of baby Rohee on the show? She’s a three-year-old toddler now! Last week, Eugene and Tae Young announced that they’re expecting a second child. Congrats to the Ki family!

Lastly, Lee Hwi Jae and his twins, who were the longest cast members featured on the show, are leaving the show this month.

What do you think of Return of Superman? What other reality or variety shows are you watching? Please let us know below!

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