In episode 12 of Someone Like You, our romantic leads got to enjoy some doubles horseback riding.  While most of the actors were happy to have time on the horses, for Kirsten Ren,  this was a scene straight out of her nightmares. 

Years ago, while filming a commercial, Kirsten found herself on a horse that was not used to the noise of a filming location. With too much noise and people around, the horse became skittish and eventually took off and ran into a tree — with Kristen still on its back. This event left her with a fear of horses, for good reason. As her character is supposed to be uncomfortable riding doubles with her sexy co-star, I'm sure the look on her face didn't take any practice. 

Kingone Wang was very comfortable on the horse. He said he was familiar with horses because he had filmed a martial arts drama in Xingiang, China's outback territory. Horses were their only means of transportation, so he rode daily while he was there.

Angela Li, who plays Kirsten's best friend on the show,  went on a school trip to ride horses but commented that the horses were short.  She was a little intimidated by how tall the horses were in the scenes they filmed. 

William had a great time riding the horses as he had taken a few classes.  The only drawback he experienced since he was riding behind the saddle in the scene, is that his butt became rather sore. William believes that horseback riding is good for everyone because it helps with posture and keeps your body strong, which is good for sports and other activities. 

Kirsten was very thankful that the riding coach stayed with her during the shoot as she still has a lot of residual fears from her previous accident.  She hopes to overcome those fears over time.

Horseback riding is quite an experience for people in Taiwan, who are mostly city and urban dwellers.

You can see the horseback riding scene in episode 12 of Someone Like You: