After witnessing the perilous five-hour journey children take to attend this remote school in China, you'll never complain about your morning commute again. 

Gulu Village is located in the canyons of Hanyuan County of Ya’an in Sichuan Province, China. The village itself is not known to many outsiders, and, like many isolated villages around the world, there is only one school for the children who live there. But the Gulu Village elementary school is unlike any other. What sets it apart from any other school on the planet is its commute, which requires an actual five-hour trek up a mountain. Not only does the climb take long, it is for the most part, very dangerous, probably too dangerous for most people. The school, run solely by a dedicated educator named Shen Qijun, is located halfway up a cliff. The path to get there from the base of the mountain is straight out of a Hollywood mountain-climbing adventure movie. As seen in the photos below, a significant part of the climb requires children (and parents) to walk along a path that's only 16 inches wide at its narrowest, teetering on the edge of a steep drop thousands of feet below. Waiting 10 extra minutes on a crowded subway platform in New York City during rush hour due to signal problems doesn't seem so bad after all. 

Despite the enthusiasm of all the students, resources required for them to get the best education possible are lacking. A lot of that is because of the school's location. Only two students in Shen's 26 years at the school have gone on to university. But the positive changes made to the lives of all the village children are obvious. As long as Shen stays there, giving his everything for the well-being of his students, the Gulu Village elementary school and its students will always be in good hands. 

Educator Shin Qijun

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