Love, passion, betrayal and revenge run high in this new family drama set on a large estate in the beautiful Chilean countryside. The Del Monte family is made up of patriarch Valentin Del Monte, his wife, and their five adopted children, Juan, José, Pedro, Gaspar and Lucas. They peacefully live side by side, working together on their estate, which has become the most prosperous of the region.

With the sudden passing of their father, the Del Monte's lives will dramatically change in more ways than they ever thought possible. On the day of the reading of their father's will, a mysterious woman appears before them. Her name is Paula, the only biological daughter of Valentin Del Monte that no one knew existed, and, worst of all, the legitimate heir to a large portion of the Del Monte Estate.

Paula is determined to claim what is rightfully hers, and is ready to plot revenge on the family she resents for having neglected her for so many years. She plans to divide and conquer, using each one of the Del Monte brothers to her advantage.

Little does Paula know that her plans will slowly begin to change as she finds herself falling in love with one of the people she thought she despised the most. Tensions run high as the Del Monte family begins begins to fight, as doubts and suspicion divide their once happy family.

Find out here if Paula will have her way or if the Del Monte family bond will be able to survive!



The Del Monte Family:

The Del Monte Sons are made up of Gaspar, the sentimental brother; Juan, the one who always tries to be righteous and moral; José, the reclusive, tough brother; Lucas, spoiled and seen as the most immature kid of the family; Pedro, known as the freeloader of the family, always extremely opportunistic; and Paula, the infamous daughter, with a tough, cold and seductive exterior, who tries to hide all of her emotions deep within herself.