Before today's episode — a personal sidebar: My sister in Arizona is addicted to Rin, Not Rin, and Snorf's adventures. Sometimes she writes me emails and begs me to give her spoilers. And sometimes she shares with me her wild speculations on where the story is going. (So far she's been wrong.) But today, in her honor, I will post an episode TWICE AS LONG as usual, so she won't have to wait to see what happens next.

I'm also sharing one of her plot guesses.

She said, "I think Rin is going to turn out to be a girl."  

She thought this because of his girlish hair style. I informed her that since Rin is Not Rin's clone, (see episodes 7 and 8) it follows that both are boys. And Rin's hair sticks out like that to symbolize his dragon ears--because he actually isn't human, but is a dragon. My sister (like me) watches a lot of Korean dramas, though. So I can understand how she thought I might be employing the "girl disguised as a boy" cliche. But I promise, I'm not. Everyone in this fantasy is the gender they appear to be. Oh, and I guess this would be a good time to reveal that NOBODY in "The Dragon Prince" is going to get amnesia, either.

But back to our drama. . .when we last left "The Dragon Prince," both Rin and Not Rin were beginning their "dream training." Rin's schooling, so far, had stalled because he was terrified of his instructor. But Not Rin? Read on to discover what happened to him.


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Oh great. I add an extra four panels and today's episode STILL ends on a cliff hanger! Why is Not Rin so sad? What dangerous action is he contemplating? What's going to happen on Friday? Stay tooned and don't miss the next episode of "The Dragon Prince!"

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