Do you ever anticipate a specific upcoming Korean show for weeks? You search for the promos, trailers, and drool over the stills? And then, when it's done airing and you've watched the final episode you think, “hmmpf. I could write a better show than that!” That was me with The Night Watchman's Journal.

It had good acting, (You-Know was so much better than I expected,) lovely sets, and great costumes (except for the Barbie Doll Shaman Dress.) But the story? There were so many plot holes that the writing wasted the good acting, lovely sets, and great costumes.

It bugged me so much that I decided for my third exclusive serial on DramaFever, I would write and illustrate a Fantasy Toon K-Drama, based on how I would have made The Night Watchman's Journal if I had been in charge.

I changed the name to The Dragon Prince. I used many of the same actors, but I got rid of some of the characters. Pay attention. Don't be surprised when people you thought were bad, are good in my version. And some of the people who were bad in the show are even worse!

I hope you enjoy reading it. I had fun.