Fans of Kim Soo Hyun's Producer are probably stunned to be reminded that the popular drama is ending on June 21. While the anxiety level is rising fast along with anticipation, the production team announced that the ending is being kept a secret.

Not only is the ending kept a secret, but the script for the ending episodes was just completed on Wednesday, June 17. Wow!

While K-drama fans are experienced with the possibility of unexpected endings, the intrigue involving the ending, or future, of the 4 main leads is keeping us on the edge of our seats as if Producer were an action thriller.

What happens to Seung Chan's (Kim Soo Hyun) love confession to Ye Jin (Gong Hyo Jin)? Will it be reciprocated? How will Joon Mo (Cha Tae Hyun) react? Will he finally show his true feelings? And of course, for the fans on Team Cindy, we really want Cindy (IU) to reach her happy ending too. Or will it be an open ending? (Catch up with our drama club's hilarious recap and predictions HERE.)

The unique concept and plot have certainly pushed Producer to high ratings. Episode 10 reached 14.6% nationwide viewership in South Korea on June 14, and 15.4% for viewers in Seoul. The drama has consistently stayed high on DramaFever's Weekly Top 10 Most Watched Dramas list ever since its first episode.

In the meantime, KBS has announced a behind-the-scenes special on June 26. (Isn't the entire drama series a behind-the-scenes special already?) According to an affiliate of the drama, expect to see "different sides of Kim Soo Hyun, IU, Cha Tae Hyun, and Gong Hyo Jin that weren't shown in the drama." That does sound exciting!

So stayed tuned, and check your episode alerts for Producer from DramaFever! You can catch up on the latest episode below:

~ NancyZdramaland

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