Hello and welcome to The Entertainer Drama Club. Prepare to be entertained, but maybe not in the way you expect. The first week of this drama presented itself to be much more intense and tragedy-driven than the happy-go-lucky premise of the show would suggest. Join DeShonda, Kate, and me as we follow our characters on their journey to starting a band.


The Entertainer

Starring Ji Sung and Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri)

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Logan: So I for one am very pleased with what I've seen from The Entertainer so far. Honestly, I was expected a light-hearted comedic drama with not a lot of emotional weight, but I was mistaken. I was shocked, but pleasantly surprised to see so much depth out of this drama right away. How are you ladies feeling about the sea of emotions rolling in off of these first two episodes?

DeShonda: OMG the feels already! I must admit I was already crying in these first two episodes. As you stated Logan, I was expecting something completely different, but I was hit big time with this emotional rollercoaster. I must say, I am enjoying this drama so far and I love the actors. I can’t wait to see more of their development.

Kate: I liked the episodes so far, but my overarching feeling about them has been more uncertainty than anything else. There’s always so much backstory and character building to cover in the first couple of episodes of a new series, and not many series manage to pull that off deftly. I don’t think /Entertainer/ did a terrible job with setting up the plot and characters, but I’m not quite invested enough in the characters yet to worry about them too much yet.

Logan: I thought the first episode started a little slow, but it didn’t take too long to get off the ground. DeShonda, I’ll admit I was crying too. How could I not? There was just so much emotion and turmoil. Mostly I felt bad for Ha Neul because 2 seconds after seeing his face and I already loved him. Basically any character Kang Min Hyuk has played is gold and Ha Neul is no different. I can’t believe he had to be accused of something so heinous!

DeShonda: You took the words right out of my mouth Logan. I have come to find out that when dramas start slow they tend to get better as the episodes progress. So It may be a slow start at the beginning, but I believe it will get much better and more interesting. Kang Min Hyuk is amazing so far. I really love Ha Neul as well. I also felt very sorry for him that he was accused of something that I hope he did not do. I really liked the connection he had with Shin Suk Ho since both of them were in some trouble before. I also was emotional when he was talking to his parents at their memorial site about being a singer. I just couldn’t hold back the tears on that.

Kate: I spend most of my watch wanting to protect Geu Rin. It took me until about halfway through the second episode to realize that not only is she Ha Neul’s sister (not friend) but that she was his older sister at that. Then again, I still have this leftover fondness and protectiveness for her as sweet high schooler Deok Sun in Answer Me 1988. Poor thing is working herself so hard to try to provide her brother with some stability.

Logan: I’m a huge romantic at heart. That’s usually why I love Kdramas, but what’s surprising me in this drama is that the relationships that are melting my heart are the non-romantic ones. The bromance/brotherhood that’s already developing between Ha Neul and Suk Ho is built on more than just superficial compatibility, they both get what’s it’s like to feel hopeless and betrayed. And I don’t know if I’ve ever seen cuter siblings than Ha Neul and Geu Rin. Although, did you notice they have different surnames? And she isn’t in the family portrait? I think there’s a good story to be told there.

DeShonda: I also really love the sibling relationship between Ha Neul and Geu Rin. I did not realize that she was the older sister as well. I do understand that she is being very overprotective of her brother. And rightfully so because the entertainment business is very hard and she does not want anything to happen to her brother. In addition, something happened to one of their siblings who was also in the business. I am not fully sure what happened, but I know it was not good. I did notice that they do have different surnames as well and you are right Logan, she was not in the family picture so I also wonder what the story is behind that too.

Kate: My guess about the backstory with the brother is that Suk Ho and Ha Neul’s older brother were in a band together. I think that is one of the reasons he really wanted to be in a band, and not be a ballad singer. I really don’t know about the last name- that is something I didn’t notice. You’d think even if they were half siblings she would be in the family photo.

Logan: I think you’re completely spot on with that guess, Kate. And how refreshing is it that they’re in band instead of him being a solo singer? I always enjoy the dramas with bands more and I mean, Kang Min Hyuk’s no stranger to bands being the drummer for CNBlue. Did you catch the scene where his bandmate was teaching him how to play drums? That cracked me up. It’s nice to hear him in a role where he gets to sing too. Basically I just think he’s doing fantastic in this role so far. And Ji Sung, that man can act! I feel like I haven’t gotten to see enough of Geu Rin’s character yet. We don’t really know what she’s about other than being a sister.

DeShonda: I am a fan of CNBlue and I just adore Kang Min Hyuk. I did catch that scene you mentioned Logan and I let out a laugh. I thought that was very cute. And Kang Min Hyuk has a very beautiful voice as well. And Ji Sung...WOW! I love him, and yes he is a very good actor. I am sure we will learn more about Geu Rin’s character in future episodes. One thing I can say is that Shin Suk Ho likes Geu Rin. Did you catch the way he was looking at he when she was washing the windows? I predict a romance between those two definitely.

Kate: I saw that too, and because I still am thinking of her as a high schooler, that made me a little uncomfortable at first . But her character is older than she looks- even Ha Neul remarked she was dressing too much like a kid. My bet is that she will get a more mature image as the show goes on. I just need to keep reminding myself that she is not Deok Sun. Ha. Also, speaking of characters we don’t really know yet, I am looking forward to learning more about the guitarist, Kyle. Juilliard trained musician with a snarky mouth? I like what I see so far.

Logan: Yes, Kyle, I like his style. Ooo, that rhymed. Unintentionally. Anyway, I too want to know more about him and what’s going on in his life. I’m excited to see who the other bandmates will be. I wonder how they’ll do at the competition. I also wonder if that psycho girl, Ji Young,that accused Ha Neul of molesting her will be there. I just get the feel. And what is the connection with her and the manager guy? Obviously nothing good. But the show has differently hooked my curiosity. I’d probably keep watching if only to find out what the deal is with her family and what her little brother is being secretive about.

DeShonda: I was wondering the same thing about her little brother. What information does he know that he is hiding? He’s very suspicious to me. But I love Kyle and look forward to learning more about him as well. I know there has to be an interesting backstory there. And I wonder what is up with Ji Young as well. She is also very suspicious to me. Almost as if I don’t trust her at all. As far as the band goes, I was wondering how Shin Suk Ho will get other members and who they will be.

Kate: There is something there, right? Kyle can’t just be a poor student trying to pay off student debt after leaving an expensive school. That is totally not K-Drama enough. I’m also interested in getting more backstory on Min Joo and Suk Ho’s relationship. They relate to one another more than just as former co-workers, and she seemed almost jealous when Suk Ho was catching Geu Rin in his arms. Maybe they used to date? Suk Ho also seemed to have some sort of a flash of inspiration when he say Geu Rin too. Yes, I think feelings are developing, but he also seemed to recognize something more in her besides that. I don’t think he’s conscious or at least will admit to an attraction yet.

Logan: I am totally getting a unrequited love vibe from Min Jo and I think Suk Ho is too oblivious to notice. He’s been going through a hard time too, although I think he needs to. At the beginning of the first episode he seemed like the type of person to step over others to get what they want. Still, it was kind of heartbreaking to see the kids he treated like family to betray him like that. Betrayal sucks.

DeShonda: Yes, I can tell that something is going on between Min Jo and Suk Ho. I think, as you ladies do, they used to be together before. Logan, I got teary eyed when I saw the betrayal of the kids he worked with as well. That scene where everyone left the group chat when he entered was so very sad.

Kate: I felt sorry for him, but I also am not sure how much of what he says to trust yet. He seems to use dishonesty as a tool, not just to get what he wants, which Logan mentioned earlier, but I think we’ll come to see that he uses it to fool himself a little too. Did you notice that he told Ha Neul and Geu Rin he got into his drunk driving accident to go to the funeral home for friend who was beaten by thugs when it was to deal with the suicide of the songwriter he had refused to give credit for his song? There were also a few stray comments he made too that made me wonder if this band he’s putting together is just a little bit of a con despite what he claims.

Logan: I feel the exact same way about him. I was so bummed when he told the lie about drunk driving incident. He came so close to being genuine! Although there’s a chance that his emotion was genuine and he was just too ashamed to admit what he had done. I have hope for him, but don’t trust that his intentions are pure as of yet. The scene where he is wearing his sunglasses even though it’s night to hide that he’s crying made me want to root him so I’m hoping he stops that deceitfulness real soon.

Join us next week here at the Drama Club as we hopefully see a bass player and drummer added to Entertainer’s line-up. Do you think we’ll continue to be entertained? I hope so, but there’s only one way to find out, keep watching!

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