Hello everyone, thanks for joining us for this week's Entertainer Drama Club? Do you have your tissues ready? No? Well don't be embarrassed, the episodes this week are chock full of emotions and just like Ha Neul's older brother penned, It's Okay to Cry.  Join DeShonda, Kate, and Me as we talk tears and tribulations.


The Entertainer

Starring Ji Sung and Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri)

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Logan: So, wow! We had to deal with a lot of heavy emotional stuff this week. Let’s start with my absolutely favorite scene. How did you feel that Ha Neul chose to forgive Ji Young and Joo Han instead of having them prosecuted?

Kate: I was almost understanding of his forgiveness of Ji Young, but Joo Han is an adult and had a greater ability to understand the full consequences of his actions. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t have to suffer even as much of a penalty as Ha Neul did himself. I completely understood Geu Rin’s reaction, and was about twenty percent there myself. I do think, however, it completely fit Ha Neul as a character.

DeShonda: I was shocked that Ha Neul forgave Ji Young and Joo Han. In my mind, I thought for sure that Ha Neul was not going to be forgiving and Ji Young and Joo Han would get the punishment they deserved. But I can completely understand the reason why Ha Neul would be very forgiving. He has a very kind and forgiving heart. He definitely took the high road and I respect him for that.

Logan: I completely agree and that’s why I loved the scene so much. I expected nothing less from Ha Neul. The thing about him is that he’s incredibly selfless. He doesn’t so much care about the pain he experienced and he doesn’t want to see anyone else suffer. I don’t think I could have made that kind of decision, but it made me so proud of him. It was kind of annoying that he let Joo Han go but I feel like he was doing that for Jin Woo’s sake, since Jin Woo was a victim too and had a close relationship with Joo Han once upon a time.

Kate: We started to get more shoes dropping and pay offs to previous points that had been teased before, too. It was exciting to see the band’s first commercial. Those poor kids had to eat so much ramen. I think they were a little more exciting getting the commercial than actually filming it, though. Except Yeon Soo. He was a great ramen-eating champion. Ah, and Suk Ho adorably stood up for Geu Rin when the ramen cook on set started trying to boss her around. That was a sweet moment, even though it felt more brotherly than romantic.

DeShonda: Those were some of my favorite scenes from this week Kate. I was so happy that the band got the ramen commercial. It just goes to show that they are getting more publicity and it’s great. I thought the commercials concept was very cute. I did feel a bit sorry that they had to endure eating so much ramen, however it was for the good. And I noticed that Suk Ho stood up for Geu Rin during the commercial shoot and I thought it was very cute. These two may getting closer and closer to something romantic and I like it.

Logan: The ramen commercial was so cute. I loved that they were dressed up as Frontiersmen although I didn’t understand the correlation to ramen whatsoever. Haha. As far as Geu Rin and Suk Ho’s romantic moments, I have a confession to make. I did something really bad. I went and looked up their actual ages. While I’m not someone who believes that age is the most important factor, I was a little weirded out to find that there’s the same age difference between them as there is between me and my dad. So, I’m okay with their relationship being more friendly than romantic. At least until I can reconcile the idea. Lol

Kate: Things have definitely heated up for Min Joo and, well, most of the single male cast. I was wondering when her chaebol family would come up again, and I think they used last week’s storyline well to bring that bit of information back up. Here we all are shipping Min Joo and Yeon Soo, and now the tabloids are too! So funny. But in the meantime, when all the guys know that Min Joo is super rich, they’re all after her now. That is, except Suk Ho since his heart is already engaged elsewhere at present. What do you both think? Is this tabloid story is evidence that our Min Joo/Yeon Soo ship is sunk, or do you think that now they’ve truthfully denied the story it will give them the chance to consider one another?

DeShonda: The tabloids were right on target with shipping Min Joo and Yeon Soo. I don’t think that the ship has sunk as of yet. I am still hoping that there is still a chance for romance between Min Joo and Yeon Soo. Min Joo is really adores with Chan Hee and Yeon Soo. So I am hoping for a happy ending between them. I thought it was very funny when they found out about Min Joo all of the guys found her more attractive. That scene was very cute and funny too.

Logan: Our Min Joo/Yeon Soo ship is safe. I can feel it and I have a good track record for ships. I loved Min Joo’s dad’s reaction to the news. He thought it was so funny that she finally has to admit he’s her dad. It was funny when she was talking about Yeon Soo and he said “he’s better than you”- it made me wonder at the possibility of Min Joo’s dad encouraging a relationship between the two. Wouldn’t that be something? As we’ve said so many times, Yeon Soo is a great guy. He goes out of his ways to help others, like all the sympathetic advice he gives Ha Neul on his one-sided love. Did you notice that Geu Rin calls Yeon Soo ‘oppa’? That’s so friggin’ adorable.

Kate: Speaking of Ha Neul’s issues, I thought for a little while he was going to go the way of nobly keeping his feelings a secret for a while there. He pulled his confession back when showing Geu Rin the couple rings, he was purposely keeping his questions and comments about getting a girlfriend vague when discussing it with Geu Rin, and then at his dinner with Yeon Soo he makes the big noble speech about how he doesn’t want to ruin anything she has going on since she’s always talking about another man. But Geu Rin FINALLY put the pieces together. Do you think that anything will come of this next week, or will Ha Neul’s “I like you like a sister” comment allow her to ignore this issue blindly? There’s no way that she could honestly believe him at this point, unless she wants to live in denial. Right?

DeShonda: I think you are right Kate. I don’t think that Geu Rin believes Ha Neul after she figured out Ha Neul has feelings for her. I was so happy when she finally realized Ha Neul liked her all this time. I was wondering how she was going to react when she found out this news. It was going to come out sooner or later.

Logan: It’s amazing how long it took Geu Rin to piece together what she did. I’m sure she had no reason to suspect before, though. I mean why would you ever imagine that someone you see as your brother likes you, so I”ll give her some credit. In perfect line with his near flawless character, it was not surprising that Ha Neul seemed to resolve himself not to reveal his feelings in order to allow Geu Rin to like Suk Ho unhindered. It has to come out, though. It’s a Kdrama. I just hope she doesn’t make things awkward. I don’t think I could stand to see Ha Neul is anymore pain. It’s already hard enough as it is. And I don’t want to see things get awkward with him and Suk Ho either. With the revelation about Ha Neul's brother’s suicide, Suk Ho is definitely going to be having a really difficult time next week.

Kate: That’s for sure! I was glad to see Suk Ho was not involved in helping to steal his song (especially since we know he sort of did this in another situation), and seems to be fairly blameless in the whole event, other than introducing poor Sung Hyun to the ruthless head of KTOP. Suk Ho seemed completely behind backing Sung Hyun’s talent as a writer and performer, with no agenda other than to help him find an audience. Hopefully, despite the pain the revelation will cause to Suk Ho and Ha Neul’s relationship, they will be able to find solace in how they both cared for Sung Hyun rather than allow it to start a rift between them.

DeShonda: I was so sad to see this fiasco between Suk Ho and Sung Hyun. Sung Hyun is a very talented musician and Suk Ho was innocent in this entire mess. As you mentioned Kate, Suk Ho was just trying to help Sung Hyun. His intentions were nothing but good. Unfortunately things ended on a very sad note. I was wondering how this incident would affect Suk Ho and Ha Neul too. I hope they will still remain close. I believe they will and it’s the song that will bring them closer than ever before.

Logan: Poor Suk Ho. He really didn’t do anything wrong, but he’s going to feel completely guilty. He’s just too good of a guy to not blame himself, although he really shouldn’t. I don’t anyone know the depths of how evil KTOP’s CEO was. Suk Ho didn’t care at all about Sung Hyun’s physical ailment, which makes it not surprising then that he created a band full of misfits (except for Kyle of course, lol). I was also relieved that Kil Joo (Smiley) didn’t have anything to do with it either. The fact that he was so torn up about Sung Hyun’s death and what went down that he disappeared and went to live in the mountains shows he’s a good guy too.

Kate: Now we just have to see how their television show appearance shakes out. While finding out the song is stolen from Sung Hyun will cause some pain at first, I can’t imagine a better tribute to Ha Neul’s brother than the Entertainer band re-making the song and singing it in his honor. Add some come-uppance to KTOP’s CEO and everything will be right with the world.

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