Welcome back to another recap of The Entertainer! The episodes were very emotional this week as we see Ha Neul reconnect with his deceased brother through song, the band supporting Ha Neul through his tough time, and the downfall of KTOP.  Join Logan, Kate, and me as we discuss these topics and more of The Entertainer.


The Entertainer

Starring Ji Sung and Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri)

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DeShonda: These two episodes have to be the most emotional to watch in this series. I don’t know about you Logan, but I had to grab the box of Kleenex because I cried so much.

Logan: Oh goodness yes! My tear glands had a very good workout this week. I think for anyone who’s experienced loss, seeing Ha Neul’s grief was so real. And what was really powerful to me was the way that his family/band was heartbroken on his behalf. That true love right there.

Kate: I was impressed by how much they felt insulted that Ha Neul did not take them to see his brother on his death day. Then when they took the band along, they said the sweetest things. I agree, Logan. This band was totally supportive (yet again) when Ha Neul needed them.

DeShonda: That’s why I love the band so much. I was so happy they all were there to support Ha Neul. I totally felt Ha Neul’s grief this week.

Logan: The more I see of Ha Neul, the more I impressed by him. He continues to do the unexpected in the best way. Where your average person, especially in a Kdrama, can hold a grudge for the silliest of reasons, Ha Neul is kind and understanding and forgives even those who have caused the deepest pains for him. He was the one who reached out to Suk Ho he found out about his brother’s suicide and told him that they should stop feeling sorry.

DeShonda: Ha Neul definitely does have a very forgiving heart and I really admire him for that. You are very right that Ha Neul did reach out to Suk Ho. That was a very powerful scene as well.

Kate: There were a few moments where I was worried that he was losing that; when he showed up at the airport, and when he asked apparently angrily about having to sing the song as a duet. Yet both times, things weren’t what they appeared, and Ha Neul came through again.

Logan:I wasn’t that surprised that Ha Neul wanted to perform the song either. I kind of assumed that once he knew his brother wrote it, he’d want to sing it no matter what. If I was in that position I’d feel the same way. Here’s this piece of art, essentially, that his brother wrote and now he has a chance to perform it as an up and coming star. I think after all the craziness that has surrounded the Entertainer band as they’ve made their debut, fans aren’t likely to forget them any time soon.

DeShonda: I was hoping that Ha Neul would still want to perform the song his brother wrote. He is the only one who could sing the song and he did a fantastic job too. I really loved the stage performance and how the image of his brother was on stage with him. I was wondering how they would incorporate his brother into the performance and this was a brilliant idea. I agree with you Logan, I think that now the Entertainer band will gain even more fans after this despite the hardships they have been through.

Logan: That was pretty trippy. I figured they’d use his vocals, but having him as a projection on the stage was pretty cool. It touched that deep place in my heart when they made it look like Sung Hyun was singing to his little brother. What kind of irritated me though was how angry Suk Ho got at Joon Suk. I mean, he absolutely is a creep and anyone else would have the right to be angry, but don’t forget that Suk Ho did the exact same thing to a songwrite in the first episode. Suk ho seems to understand the hypocrisy to some extent, but honestly he doesn’t seem to feel too guilty about it.

DeShonda: Exactly Logan! I can’t agree with you more. I felt happy at first, but then I remembered that Suk Ho did the same thing. What’s that saying….What Goes Around Comes Around is appropriate for this situation. And I noticed that he does not seem to feel guilty either. So in a way, he has no right to be upset with Sung Hyun.

Kate: I was willing to give Suk Ho a little more leeway with this situation. Joon Suk seemed to have taken the song in a much more underhanded way while Suk Ho seemed to have had a ghostwriting agreement that the writer wanted to change late in the game. Yes, I still found it uncomfortable, that he’d done the same thing--which is one of the reasons why I felt Suk Ho reacted as strongly as he did. I mean, did he really have to pull over the car on the way to the airport on account of crying too hard? I’ve heard of pulling over to use the bathroom or to be ill, but that was some serious crying there! He did make a pass at getting Jin Woo to give back the song, too.

Logan: He half-heartedly tried to get Jin Woo to give the song back to the original owner, but it was a very lame attempt. From what we’ve seen from Jin Woo so far, I doubt he’ll be able to live with that guilt. He’s got a good heart. I’ll admit, I loved seeing Suk Ho beat Joon Suk’s face in. That was enjoyable. He definitely deserves it and he really seems like he’s on the edge of a big breakdown. I’m expecting a Britney Spears-esque head-shaving moment from him any minute now.

DeShonda: Ha ha! Yes I loved that scene when Suk Ho beat the crap out of Joon Suk! Joon Suk deserved that big time. I was waiting for someone to punch him actually. And you are right, Joon Suk is about to have a breakdown especially now that he is loosing everyone who worked for him at KTOP. They are all jumping ship and I must say that I don’t blame them one bit.

Kate: Deshonda, I found the collapse of KTOP much more satisfying than the beat down. Joon Suk probably didn’t enjoy being beat up, but those scratches will fade quickly. His company, and his reputation, won’t be so easy to change once it is gone. I wouldn’t be surprised if KTOP soon had more problems than Mango productions had all the way back in the beginning of the season.

Logan: Right? I would have been out the door long ago! I was proud of Joo Han for redeeming himself the teensiest bit by helping Suk Ho find the Joon Ha before leaving kTop. It seems like Ha Neul choosing to forgive Joo Han helped make him into a little bit better of a person. Another touching scene this week was when the rest of the band insisted on visiting Ha Neul’s brother. Especially when Kyle said that they were all family and Ha Neul’s brother was his brother too. Ahhhh….I could feel my heart melting.

DeShonda: Oh yes! I was crying like a baby during that scene. It was so very touching to see the band visiting Ha Neul’s brother. I did notice Kyle when he mentioned they were all family. He has come a long way since the beginning of this drama. I am so proud of his development. He has done a complete 360 in my opinion. He has shown his softer side and that he actually does have a heart. He gets my vote for most improved.

Logan: If Kyle gets most improved, I’d give most humbled to Min Joo. She’s had to go to her father twice now for help when she refused it for so long. In her case her dad actually seems like a pretty decent guy with his only fault being his massive amount of money. I love how he teases her and makes it part of the deal that she has to go on a marriage date. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if he somehow arranged it so that the marriage date was with Yeon Soo? Who by the way was way underplayed this week, but still lovely as always.

DeShonda: I would agree with that Logan. I’d give Min Joo the most humbled award. I just love the interaction between her and her father. I admire her for asking her father for help even if it may be difficult for her. I also love how he teases her about the marriage date. I only wish that her and Yeon Soo would become a couple. Min Joo did figure out the meaning of Suk Ho’s umbrella. She made the connection that the umbrella is Geu Rin protecting Suk Ho. Her reaction was questionable and I’m not sure what to think about it. I’m trying to figure out if she is worried about those two being a couple. Or does she have feelings for Suk Ho? I’m still trying to figure out the romance in this series.

Kate:I do enjoy Min Joo, however, and hope that she and her father’s relationship is on more steady ground than it seemed to be earlier in the season. Now that the cat’s out of the bag that she’s a billionaire’s daughter, she may as well take advantage of spending more time with her family. Her father obviously adores her, and she’s already proven she can be a success and work hard for her own opportunities. Her dad may help her out, but she earned her place. I was, like you DeShonda, not sure what that reaction to the umbrella issue meant either.

Logan: You’re right, DeShonda, Min Joo’s reaction was undecipherable. I think she seems resigned to the idea, personally. Like she suspected it but was still a little bummed, but has better things to worry about. The romance in this drama, as we’ve mentioned a few times, is such a small part of the story. Even what we assume is the main romance, the awkward flirting between Suk Ho and Geu Rin, has not gone anywhere. I mean, next week is the end of the drama and no one has even made a declaration of love. There may be a hint of a future between Geu Rin and Suk Ho, but I don’t anticipate an epilogue with marriage and babies. This may even be one of those dramas with no solid couples at all when it’s over.

DeShonda: You are right Logan. I thought about that as well. This drama could end with no romantic couples at all. But remember, this drama was originally sixteen episodes long and two episodes were added. This week episodes seemed like it’s the final ending of the series. I am wondering what next weeks episodes will be about. It could explore the romantic relationships of some of our characters which would be great to see. Or next weeks episodes could be special episodes of some sort. This week just felt so final to me. Ha Neul got the chance to pay tribute to his brother through the song he wrote, KTOP is now going out of business, the Entertainer band is successful. I’m just wondering what more can they explore in the next episodes.

Kate: DeShonda, the last half hour of the 16th episode I wondered the whole time what the heck they would do with the last two episodes. At first, I thought they would have the big concert with Ha Neul singing his brother’s song in the last week, but wasn’t sure what else. Then that happened at the end of episode 16, and I wondered what on earth they will do in the last two episodes. More band successes and the wrap up of those romantic storylines is my only guess, and I can’t imagine how that could make two episodes. Hopefully the writers will surprise me in a good way.

Logan: If I got the opportunity to decide what the last two episodes held, I would like to see more of the Entertainer Band’s future. I want to see them rise to fame and grow even closer together. I want to see Geu Rin go back to school and Suk Ho become a successful CEO. I want to see Man Sik write a hugely successful song and for Smiley to become a director again. I want to see everyone rise to the top together and it’d be icing on the cake if I saw a Min Joo- Yeon Soo wedding.

DeShonda: That would make for a good final two episodes. I would love to see a Min Joo & Yeon Soo wedding as well.And of course the Entertainer Band’s future is something I would like to see as well. I hope the final two episodes explore what happened to all of our characters in the future. I just really want a happy ending now that Ha Neul knows what happened to his brother and he has some peace.


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