Welcome to another week with The Entertainer Drama Club. KTOP has been making good on their promise to make things very difficult for the Entertainer band, but can Suk Ho make good on his promise that they'll be able to deal with anything KTOP throws at them? Our boys experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows this week as the reality of being in a band has got them all feeling the pressure. Join DeShonda, Kate, and I as we discuss how things have been going for our band so far, and where we think they'll go from here.


The Entertainer

Starring Ji Sung and Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri)

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Logan: Just as things start looking up for Entertainer band, things starts falling apart. However, I for one am impressed with how graciously they’ve been dealing with their highs and their lows. I have to start out by talking about the flawless Kang Joon’s cameo playing Kyle’s friend from Juilliard, Lee Sang Won. Did it warm anyone else’s heart to see Kyle’s sensitive side this week? The more I see from his character, the more I love him.

Kate: It is good to have a little more backstory filled in for Kyle--including his birth name! Ha Neul was crafty finding that out by calling his job to send him as a designated driver. All the new details about Kyle make him a more likable character. He was able to open up a little more emotionally, and to do something for his band by contacting Lee Sang Won even though he really wanted to avoid even thinking about him. It was interesting how that story shifted over the course of the two episodes where he went from mad and jealous to more appreciative of the relationship he did have with Lee Sang Won, and the band.

DeShonda: I have been waiting for this moment and it finally came, Kyle’s sensitive side. I knew he had to have it and I was wondering what he could he be hiding. But is was good to see this side of him and it does make him a more likeable character as well. Logan I noticed Kang Joon’s cameo right away! I loved him in the variety show Roommate and it was good to see him playing Lee Sang Won.

Logan: I was a Roommate fanatic and I really love Kang Joon as an actor. What I loved about his character, Sang Won, is how much he cared for Kyle. Even though Kyle resented him, all Sang Won could think about was the fact that he missed his friend. He was happy to share a little of his spotlight with his old friend and that shows he’s got good character. In fact, I feel like he’d make the perfect 5th member to Entertainer!

Kate: Do you think Sang Won can play drums? I feel like I’m skipping to the end when I say that, but since you mention adding a fifth member Logan, I can’t help but say they may just need a fourth member soon. It was also good to get a little more Jae Hoon backstory, though still not enough for my liking. Since he doesn’t live with them, and probably because he is still busy with his studies, he isn’t in as many of the group scenes and we haven’t got as much of his character yet. Still, with his angry helicopter mom stepping in and forbidding him from staying in the band, I think we’re going to get a huge dose of Jae Hoon next week. I can’t wait! I’m ready for that conflict to get solved and get a bubbly and excited drummer back.

DeShonda: I was thinking that Sang Won would make a great 5th member as well. It was good seeing them on stage performing together. I did like the back story we did get from Jae Hoon. I felt a little sorry for him because he mentioned he always ate alone. He enjoyed eating with his bandmates because he was in their company. His mother is very strict and it’s obvious she does not want him in the band and to focus on his studies. Kate, I am also looking forward to seeing Jae Hoon stand up to his mother and continue to pursue his dream of being the drummer of The Entertainer.


Logan: Poor Jae Hoon :( He just wants to rock, but his mom won’t let him. We all knew this moment would come. In fact, I actually am kind of glad that it’s come up so soon. That means, the band can deal with it and move on. The further in the drama it comes up, the bigger of a hurdle it is. I’m wondering how Suk Ho will try to convince Jae Hoon’s mom, she doesn’t seem like a pushover but I believe in Suk Ho. He keeps making up for his initial character flaws. I even sided with him on firing Geu Rin. She learned her lesson and I was disappointed in her for asking Kyle to do something that clearly caused him a lot of pain.

Kate: But was she pushing Kyle this far to support Ha Neul’s success out of sisterly affection or out of different feelings for Ha Neul? There were moments between Geu Rin and Suk Ho as well as Geu Rin and Ha Neul this week where it looked like some sort of romantic connection might be starting. So far, though, it seems to me that those attractions are both one-sided, on the side of the guys. Both of them were bowled over by Geu Rin’s new professional look which made her look more adult. The Suk Ho thought she was confessing to having feelings for him- and it appeared to me he was more taken aback about the thought that she was confessing those feelings than he should have been if he wasn’t thinking about her a little in that way as well.

DeShonda: As you mentioned Logan, I believe Suk Ho will sway Jae Hoon’s mother on letting him be a permanent member of the band. I was happy as well when Suk Ho fired Geu Rin as well. I was even more shocked when she said she had some feelings for him. But I thought to myself, these can’t be romantic, can it? She admires Suk Ho and want’s to be a good manager, so it’s like she looks up to him. But I have a feeling that Suk Ho and Geu Rin have some chemistry there between them because you can tell Suk Ho likes her. But then we have Ha Neul who is catching jealous feelings when he sees Geu Rin with Suk Ho. So the chemistry between those two characters is a possibility as well. And finally I thought it was cute that Yeon Soo and a crush on Min Joo. And little Chun Hee was adorable as ever. The romance possibilities are endless at this point. Thank goodness this drama has been extended a few more episodes. We will be very surprised when a romance is finally revealed.

Logan:Ugh, the romance! Lol.Usually I’m the first to hop on the shipping ship, but I just can’t bring myself to care about the romantic potential between our leads. Geu Rin and Ha Neul do have fantastic chemistry, but I feel like they need each other as siblings more than as lovers. The newly uncovered potential between Yeon Soo and Min Joo, did catch my interest. Surprisingly, I really like Min Joo. She is not your typical second female lead- she’s actually pretty cool. I think her and Yeon Soo would be the cutest couple. You’re right, DeShonda, we need the extra episodes to sort these lovelines out.

Kate: I agree with your general anti-shipping feeling in this drama. I’m much more interested in the possibilities for romantic pairings between second leads and third leads than anything going on with the primary triangle. And I think that by now my Yeon Soo/Geu Rin ship has sunk. It will not sail. The script is not putting anything there for me to work with. I suppose instead I will have to focus on the wonderful friendships forming in the band, and looking for justice in Ha Neul’s situation. I was glad to see that Jin Woo has figured out that manager Joo Han’s “protection” of him regarding the incident with Ji Young is more than it seems, and he won’t trust him any more. I think my crackpot ideas of how that scandal was set up and by who are starting to be revealed as correct, more or less. I want some points for that! Or maybe a job writing K-dramas?

Logan:The friendships between the bandmates are so great. As you mentioned earlier, Kate, it was adorable when Ha Neul called Kyle out for being a driver. I also think it’s cute that Min Joo and Geu Rin are developing a friendship. It certainly flipped the usual Kdrama plot upside down when Min Joo asked Geu Rin on a date. Don’t second female leads usually ask the male lead out, not the female lead? Lol.

DeShonda: I like the friendship that is developing between Min Joo and Geu Rin as well. Geu Rin needed that pep talk from Min Joo I think. It was good to see the scene how Min Joo and Suk Ho met as well. I hope to see more of their backstory because I still have a feeling that there is something more to it. I feel so bad for Jin Woo but as you mentioned Kate, I am happy he realized the truth about Joo Han. I can’t wait for the next episode because Ha Neul comes back to Busan to the scene of the incident and confronts Jin Woo. So this is going to be a tense confrontation I think.

Logan: I'm looking forward to the confrontation. I think it's time for Jin Woo to come around. I believe he's just as much a victim as Ha Neul and should they decide to team up and get to the bottom of what really happened, they might actually be able to get some answers. Hopefully next week will provide us with some of those answers we've been waiting for.

Will Entertainer survive under the pressure? Will they thrive? What will come out of Ha Neul and Jin Woo's confrontation? Come back next week so we can find out!

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