Welcome back everyone to The Entertainer Drama Club! This weeks episodes were full of excitement as we learned more about Ha Neul and Ji Young's incident which now involves her little brother, The band has their first official gig thanks to Geu Rin, and Jae Hoon makes an important decision. Join Kate, Logan and I as we discuss these and other developments in this weeks episodes of The Entertainer.


The Entertainer

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Kate: After last week’s big developments, this week felt a little calmer, though there were still plenty of meaty character moments.

DeShonda: Yes indeed this week was much calmer. One big development that happened was Jae Hoon standing up to his mother and making the decision to join the band. I was very happy that Suk Ho went to talk to his parents. His father was more convincing than his mother. She was very cold and not supportive at all.

Kate: Jae Hoon’s mom was definitely the perfect example of the “education mother.” Colleges and careers are so competitive in South Korea that many middle and upper middle class mothers devote their lives to ushering their children to tutors and lessons so that they can succeed. While it shows how much they care about their children because of how much effort they put into helping them, for Jae Hoon’s mom it became her identity and she got too wrapped up in her son. As much as his dad was more supportive and relatable (and so sweet helping Jae Hoon stand up to her!), I hope that his mom finds herself again and we’ll get to see Jae Hoon and her reconnect and forge a new and healthier relationship in which she supports his dreams AND his education.

Logan: I was really disappointed in Jae Hoon’s mom. It seemed like what Suk Ho said when he went to see her got through to her a little bit, but then when it came down to it she still threw a fit when Jae Hoon chose to continue on with the band. It made for a heart-warming scene when the whole band showed up to greet Jae Hoon. They really are more like a family than a band and I love that about them. And I was so proud of Jae Hoon. I thought it wouldn’t be until much later on when he finally stood up to his mom, but now that he has that’s one less stress for them to worry about.

DeShonda: I am hoping that as the band gets more successful and she sees how happy Jae Hoon really is being there she will become more receptive of his decision. After all, our Jae Hoon is growing up and as he mentioned his mother is not going to be there to do everything for him. She has to cut the strings loose at some point and let him live. But I can understand him not wanting to upset his mother.

Kate: My favorite part of that episode was probably watching Geu Rin try to sneakily follow Jae Hoon’s mom. Her driving skills are still a little limited at the moment. I thought for sure they were going to lose her when Geu Rin had left the car in neutral, or get in an accident. It also gave Geu Rin and Suk Ho a moment to act flirty over their respective driving skills, though I’m still not sure Geu Rin is at all aware that Suk Ho is starting to develop feelings for her. She just seems overall amiable and positive and trying hard to be a good manager. I wonder how she’ll react when she realizes Suk Ho might think of her as more than a manager. Or Ha Neul thinks of her as more than an adopted sister, as the show FINALLY admitted openly.

Logan: Suk Ho’s feelings for Geu Rin have certainly become romantic, but I still find myself uninvested in their relationship. They still seem more like sister and brother to me, which unfortunately makes me feel like Suk Ho’s interest in her is a little creepy. I hope the chemistry really starts to build between the two, because I really do want to root for their relationship - I’m a believer in love after all.

DeShonda: Oh Geu Rin’s driving skills scare me a bit but I am sure she will improve over time. I really enjoyed watching that scene as well Kate. And I did notice the flirting between Suk Ho and Geu Rin. I agree that she has no Idea Suk Ho has developed feelings for her, but it’s becoming more obvious that Suk Ho likes her. I am also interested in how she will react when this information comes out. But we also have Ha Neul who obviously has feelings for her as well. And the others are starting to notice this too. It looks like this may be turning into a love triangle and things could get complicated.

Kate: Yes, it looked like Ha Neul got some good advice from Yeon Soo when he said to let Geu Rin know about his feelings and do something about them before it was too late. While I’m not overly enthusiastic about either of these possible relationships, I agree with Yeon Soo. He should tell Geu Rin sooner rather than later or it might be too late. Or at the very least, he will be able to focus on something else other than her if she doesn’t share his feelings. Do you think he bought couples’ rings in the jewelry store, or do you think that the request for an autograph from the sales woman threw him off enough to make him leave the store empty handed? That’s another interesting wrinkle in the story. Now they’re starting to get, if not famous, better recognized, which means they will have to pay closer attention to their public images so much more, which is something they’ve anticipated but haven’t really had to deal with fully yet.

DeShonda: I think that the autograph request threw him off actually and he left the store without the couples rings. I actually had to watch that part again and it was then I realized that. But you are correct Kate, the band is getting more and more famous and they have not had to deal with it yet. I was glad that the gig Geu Rin booked for the band worked out because that could have been a disaster, however, they made it work. The lady who was in charge of the festival noticed Ha Neul right away and wanted to get pictures with him. I thought that was cute she had a crush on him too.

Logan: As soon as Geu Rin started researching festivals, I smelled a disaster. If I would have across that cooky cougar festival organizer lady, I would have called it off immediately. But then again, it was a success. Suk Ho proved his skill by having them change the song to match the audience. With Jae Hoon wearing his sunglasses while drumming and Suk Ho having them turn a slow song into an upbeat song, that scene reminded me a lot of the Tom Hanks Movie “That Thing You Do.” I’m really excited to hear more songs from the band. Hopefully they’re able to make something lyrically redeemable out of the songwriter’s demo.

Kate: DeShonda, I was so proud of Geu Rin taking initiative, researching festivals, and booking the band for a concert to help them get more exposure. I was glad that even though it ended up being a festival with the wrong target audience, the band was able to roll with it. I actually liked their hit single better in the style of a trot song. It seems too, that the band did get a fair amount of social media exposure because of the concert, so I think this was still one for the win column for Geu Rin’s management skills. Though, I do think next time she’ll ask the organizers of any events she tries to book more questions.

DeShonda: Geu Rin took a big step at getting the band booked and it went very well for them. I liked the song better as trot too. It had a happy and upbeat sound to it. Another big development that happened this week was the scandal involving Ha Neul, Ji Young and Jin Woo. Ha Neul finally confronted Jin Woo at the scene of the incident. I did not expect Ha Neul to help him out at the end however. I really thought he was going to punch him in the face. Then we finally saw the connection with Ji Young’s little brother and the keychain that he lost at the scene. I was a bit lost at why he was there but I think Ji Young and her brother were obviously in on the set up.

Logan: Seeing Ha Neul help out Jin Woo, just confirmed what a great character he has. He is really impossible not to root for. I think he may be the most likeable character of all time. I think we’re going to see Jin Woo and Ha Neul team up in some way or another and I would actually be really excited if Jin Woo ended up joining the Entertainer Band. First step, though, is getting that awful brat, Ji Young, to confess. Actually, I’d rather she get exposed than confess. She needs to be taken down a notch, or 17.

Kate: Jin Woo may be redeemable after all! I was glad to see him tell Suk Ho that he was finally ready to come clean. Hopefully this will bring the whole mess to light and clear Ha Neul’s name before it is too late. Ji Young is starting to act a little bit like she’s trapped. She doesn’t really have any allies left, especially if Suk Ho’s questions made her dad have a change of heart. He reminded me a little bit of Jae Hoon’s dad. He’s a honest and a hard worker, and while Ji Young’s mom is happy to benefit blindly from Ji Young’s rise in status, I don’t think that it sits as well with him. He definitely suspects his daughter did something underhanded to get her start in showbiz. Hopefully he can help support his son if he decides to come clean and tell the truth as well.

DeShonda: I noticed the similarities between Ji Young’s father and Jae Hoon’s father as well. And you are correct Kate, he does suspect something very fishy going on with Ji Young and his son. I am hoping that his son confides in him and tells everything he knows went on during the night in question. I must admit that it satisfies me that Ji Young is feeling the pressure from everyone. I was on the edge of my seat when Ha Neul confronted her in the dressing room. That shook her up a bit. It will be soon when she finally falls through the cracks and has to come clean as well.

Kate: That scene worried me DeShonda! While I really look forward to Ji Young getting what she deserves, that upcoming expose about Ha Neul’s criminal past was mentioned too much in this week’s episodes for my comfort. I worry that when the story comes out, that scene could be re-interpreted very unfavorably by a public who thinks he assaulted her, and she could seem even more the victim and he even more the villain. While I think that next week our band is in for hard times again as their unusual backgrounds hit the media, in the end I think audience will learn to love them as much as we do. I just hope Ha Neul’s name gets cleared sooner rather than later! With 8 episodes to go though, I’m afraid it probably won’t be next week.

Logan: It was very bold of Suk Ho and Ha Neul to come out with the story on their own before it got released. I wonder how they spun it to make things better for themselves. I hope the scandal for them doesn’t last too long. I’d really love to see them growing more as a band rather than spending their time fending off arrows. Although I must say, Suk Ho so far has made good on the promise that the Entertainer band was going to roll with whatever KTOP threw at them. It’s really admirable to see how they don’t get upset when something unfair happens. They just move on and try to figure out how to make things better. I can’t get enough of these cuties and how they refuse to be discouraged; I smile every time I see them on the screen and hopefully it’s more smiles than tears as the weeks roll on.

What do you think about this weeks episodes? What role do you think Ji Young's little brother played in the incident involving his sister and Ha Neul? What is your opinion about Jae Hoon's decision to follow his dream of being in the band? Do you think that Ha Neul's incident will hurt the band if the news story is exposed? Leave a comment and let us know what you think and join us next week to see what happens next in The Entertainer


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