After just 4 episodes, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon starring Park Bo YoungJi Soo and Park Hyung Sik  off to a great start taking its place among JTBC’s most popular dramas! An eccentric and entertaining romance comedy, the drama promises a fantastic ride for viewers who are looking to relax and enjoy a lighthearted drama that is breaking conventions with every episode. However, there also seems to be another – more serious – message embedded within the hit drama’s narrative. Just what is this message and how is it empowering both women and youth in South Korea? Hear it from the producer himself!

Despite their individual popularity, the cast of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is defying the normal rom-com fantasy expectations with a comedy that breaks all rules, adding to the show's tremendous entertainment value.

The popularity of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is easy to understand for anyone who has watched the show. Not only does the cast include big names like Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik, but the story itself is both charming and engaging.

However, the drama’s producer, Song Won Seob, has some ideas of his own when it comes to the show’s apparent popularity. Naturally, Song admits that:

“It’s a drama that viewers can watch and laugh about in a very relaxed way. It lets viewers vicariously experience something new through the show.”

However, he quickly goes onto explore a more socially critical aspect of the drama:

“Although the basic backdrop of the show is a romantic comedy, the characters aren’t just falling in love and dating since Do Bong Soon is basically Wonder Woman. There are many occasions in our society in which women are overlooked or undervalued, despite their skills and abilities. At first, Do Bong Soon’s inability to reveal her true strength to the world is an instance of this. Furthermore, there are moments in which women are confronted by dangerous and problematic people whom they do not or feel they cannot fight back against as women; however, viewers are able to live vicariously through Do Bong Soon as she puts these people in their place with her abilities.”

Further explaining why young people can also relate to Do Bong Soon, he adds

“There are many young people out there who have great talents but don’t know how or where to use them. Similarly, Do Bong Soon’s strength is something she has not found a true purpose for as of yet. As the narrative unfolds, she will realize how she needs to be using her abilities, marking a turning point in the drama.”

What do you think about the points Producer Song brings up? Does the drama successfully reflect a message of empowerment for women and Korea’s youth?

Make sure to catch up on the last four episodes of ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon before the next episodes air this Friday and Saturday! 

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Starring Park Bo Young and Kim Ji Soo

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