Two perfect families live side-by-side, sharing friendly smiles and laughs, helping each other out like great neighbors. Then, a sudden death changes the destiny of both families, and begins revealing all the cracks in their fake perfection.

The Family Next Door shows that nothing is what it seems, and that you never really know what goes on inside anyone’s house, even if it is your trusted neighbor.

This new drama combines stories full of passion and forbidden love, with suspense, mystery and murder. No one can be trusted, as there are secrets lurking around every dark corner of these characters’ twisted lives.

After the mysterious death of Ignacia Fabres’ husband, heir to the Fabres fortune, she meets Gonzalo through her friends Javier and Pilar Ruiz — the family next door. As Ignacia falls for Gonzalo, he will learn of the dark secrets lying within the Fabres and Ruiz households while his relationship with Pilar begins growing beyond mere friendship.

Most secrets don’t stay hidden for long, and these families will do everything in their power to keep them hidden and maintain the appearance of their perfect lives.

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