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Queen Seon Duk is headed for the stage! The hit story of Korea's first queen is being made into a lavish musical featuring extravagent costumes and sets that blend historical grandeur with modern technology, including an astronomy observatory created from LED screens. The songs--all 28 of them!--will run the gamut from ballads to rock when the show opens next month.

Kim Bum is being sued for the equivalent of 430,000 bucks by his former agency I Entertainment, who say the star suddenly stopped returning their calls after he found a new agent, but before their contract had expired. The company also went after Lee Chung Ah (Everybody Cha Cha Cha) and Yoo Yeon Seok (Soul) on the same charges.

A second season of the smash hit IRIS is in the works, but when the action drama returns, season one star Lee Byung Heon probably won't be in it for more than a cameo--he's already booked to make the G.I. Joe sequel in the US.

Model/actor/phenomenon Marco (Dream) has decided to drop his Argentine citizenship and become a citizen of Korea, where his television and modeling career is thriving, due in no small part to his frequent appearances on the variety show The Invincible Baseball Team.

Lee Joon Ki will be given the Martial Arts Actor award by the Korea Martial Arts Coalition, for raising interest in traditional martial arts through his roles in Iljimae and Time Between Dog and Wolf.

Koo Hye Sun is tops in Taiwan! The Pure in Heart and Boys Over Flowers star was picked by Yahoo! Taiwan users as Asia's best actress.

BOF co-star Kim Hyun Joong revealed frightening details of his H1N1 infection earlier this year on the program Strong Heart, including the rather callous behavior of his doctor when he broke the news, standing "about 10 meters" away!

Great minds think alike--Kim Ok Bin (Over the Rainbow), Choi Ji Woo (Star's Lover) and Choi Kang Hee (Thank You) all have one thing in common: the same red rose dress!

Finally, you might want to get checked for diabetes after you read the results from a sickly sweet poll from bridal company Virgin diamond. The issue? Which Japanese actors and actresses are most suited for "proposal scenes"? Speculations include Matsushima Nanako ("She’s a never-withering beauty, she would make any proposal scene an amazing one"), Sasaki Nozomi ("She would delightfully gaze at her engagement ring the whole time"), and Kobayashi Mao ("She would make it an important part of her life to be all neat and clean").