[caption id="attachment_1901" align="alignleft" width="313" caption="Song Joong Ki"]Song Joong Ki[/caption] Kim Ha Neul will join So Ji Sub and Son Chang Min for military boot camp in preparation for their roles in Road Number One, which starts filming right after the holidays. The war drama's start date in June is set to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. Kim Hyun Joong (Boys Over Flowers) recently revisited the same Macau egg tart shop from the drama with his family, causing quite a stir. More details and tourist video are here! Yoon Eun Hye (Coffee Prince) is in so many notable photo shoots that it seems like a new one is released every day, but this catalog shoot with Hyun Bin (The World That They Live In) has a cool Polaroid-American Apparel vibe that's worth checking out. Remember when Rainie Yang and Show Luo came to New York for Show's concert and supposedly made nice? Turns out there was a lot more to it than that, including constant bickering between the Hi My Sweetheart stars, and Rainie somehow losing $12,000 at a casino! The 31st annual Yokohama Film Festival recently concluded, and several Japanese drama stars walked away with awards, including Yoshinori Okada (Atashinchi no Danshi) as Best Supporting Actor. Park Hae Jin's Hot Blooded Salesman (aka Hot Blood) ended to mediocre ratings--the final episode grabbed a 9% share. The audience consensus on the entrepreneur-centered drama seems to be a generally favorable "meh." Queen Seon Duk's Lee Yo Won and a cat luxuriate in furs in the new Share Happiness spread in Elle magazine! Also in Elle, catch the playful Young Guns shoot featuring Kim Bum, Kim Hye Sung, Song Joong Ki and other male stars in some of the goofiest photos we've seen in a while. Kim Bum has also signed on with the skin care company It's Skin, so if you've ever wanted to see him brandish a hypodermic needle, click here! Gong Yoo will team up with Jun Ji Hyun (My Sassy Girl) for a remake of the Japanese manga/tv drama Absolute Him. It's a comeback for both, since Gong just came out of military service and Jun is returning after ten years to play a woman who falls in love with a hot robot! Finally, if you've ever wondered how big Ko Hyun Jung's (Queen Seun Duk) head is compared with other stars, or the population in general, this story should help clear up the confusion (SPOILER: it's bigger than Lee Yo Won's, but smaller than average).