[caption id="attachment_1997" align="alignleft" width="289" caption="Kim Hye Soo"]Kim Hye Soo[/caption] We reported earlier that Kim Bum would pop up on High Kick Through the Roof, and although he didn't show enough skin to please everybody, you can watch his scenes from the recent episode here. Fresh out of the military and back to work, Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince) modeled a cardigan-and-khakis look for the clothing company Mind Bridge. While he decides which role will be his next, you can check out his preppy office outfit right here. CAUTION: LINK CONTAINS SPOILERS! Kim Tae Hee gave a refreshingly open interview following the finale of the action drama IRIS in which she appears to be a bit critical of the way the story wrapped up. She also revealed her favorite moments from the series, her own improvisations on the script, and how being on a hit drama has changed her life. Thanks to the twitterverse for this candid snapshot of Choi Yeo Jin (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee) and excited fans at her recent book signing. Jung Yong Hwa (You're Beautiful) starred in his first solo fashion shoot for Vogue Girl, dressed all in pristine white. Kim Hyun Joong performed Rainism as a holiday treat for fans, and through a Christmas miracle someone fancammed it! Ethan Ruan (My Queen) traveled to Singapore for the new Marc Jacobs Spring fashion show, and was asked about rumors that his girlfriend, Autumn Concerto star Tiffany Hsu was being tempted by co-star hottie Van Ness Wu. He seems pretty confident. Earlier this month, Time Between Dog and Wolf star Jung Kyung Ho sat down for an interview to talk about being bullied as a child, kissing on camera, and his role on Smile You. Now you can see the video and read the English translation here. Kim Sun Ah (City Hall) appears in next months Harper's Bazaar in a variety of age-defying looks, from a cool young woman to a more sophisticated femme fatale. Finally, you need to see these preview pics for a really weird ad campaign starring Kim Hye Soo (Style) as a scary Matthew Barney-ish Snow Queen! In case you're confused, the ad is for kitchen appliances.