[caption id="attachment_2073" align="alignleft" width="387" caption="Mark Zhao"]Mark Zhao[/caption] Queen Seon Duk aired its final, 62nd episode on Tuesday, and it was an emotional goodbye for the cast and crew of the very popular epic drama. At the wrap party, star Kim Nam Gil gave every single crew member a big hug, and Lee Yo Won reflected on her role and the series here. QSD at one point reached a phenomenal mid-40s rating, and the finale still managed to grab 37%. In January, the Queen's time slot will be filled by something completely different: the foodie romance Pasta. We reported earlier on Kim Bum's (Boys Over Flowers) holiday trip to Japan, and now the video of Kim's message to his Japanese fans and many more pics from the Winter Dream Dinner have been released. Congratulations to Kim Nam Joo (Queen of Housewives), who has been chosen as the Actor of the Year by the Korean government. Her role as a strong, confident woman helped catapult the drama to the top of the ratings three times this year. Kim Hyun Joo (Partner, Boys Over Flowers) released a new book centered on her love for crafts and knitting titled Hyun Joo's Hand-Crafted Story. Partial proceeds of the book sales will go to charity, and you can see her rocking the scarf she made herself here. Cha Seung Won (City Hall) sported sort of a Freddie Mercury-ish look for High Cut magazine, including a stretchy leopard print shirt. Check out the man, the myth, the facial hair right here. Ethan Ruan (My Queen) has a new movie coming out with Mark Zhao (Black & White), and while on a variety show to promote it, the host promised to show the trailer...but only if they kissed each other first. Most people would be calling Human Resources right then and there, but Ethan and Mark made out on demand! The mafia film Monga will be released next February. Sad news for fans of crazy television: Kim Hyung Joon (BOF) has backed out of an ecosystem-themed special in which he had trained to kill wild boars on camera! After animal rights activists stepped in (the stated goal of the show was to kill 170,000 boars, so they may have had a point...), the theme was changed to global warming, and Kim was outta there. Spear, the boar-hunting hound he had been training, could not be reached for comment. Kim Ha Neul (On Air) posed in short shorts and a long skirt for next month's Elle magazine, part of a trendy fashion shoot showcasing "weekend looks." Finally, we send you into the weekend with a trio of celeb poll results from Japan: This year's hottest drama couples (three of them from the basketball romance Buzzer Beat) are ranked here. Then, fans were asked to play matchmaker and revealed their choices for which celebs should marry each other. Lastly, Japanese women sounded off on which stars they want as their boyfriends.