Kim_Nam_JinKim Bum has conquered Japan! More than a month after its initial release, Kim's tune Christmas Eve Sky has finally topped the Japanese music charts. If you haven't heard it yet, you can check out the music video here. On Air's Song Yoon Ah's new film Wedding Dress was screened for preview audiences yesterday, after which the stars answered questions about the tear-jerker. Song plays the terminally ill mother of 10-year-old Kim Hyang Gi -- and if you've seen Kim in Bad Love, Bad Couple or Hero, you know that she's a seriously adorable kid. Get ready to bawl your eyes out when Wedding Dress opens January 14th. To whet your appetite for Pasta, starting January 4th, Lee Sun Kyun (Coffee Prince) gave a lengthy interview on why the script appealed to him, the vibe on set, the pressure of filling Queen Seon Duk's time slot, and of course, what kind of pasta he likes. You can read the two-part interview here and here. Kim Eun Jung (Lovers) and Jewelry bandmate Ha Joo Yeon played up their party girl images for the new issue of Nail Up magazine. Yep, it's a whole magazine just about fingernails. Jo Min Ki has been in lots of hit dramas lately, from East of Eden to Iljimae to Queen Seon Duk. Now the actor and activist (he's volunteered numerous times for children and malaria victims in Africa) is getting noticed outside of Korea, with a big profile in Japan's Mainichi Shimbun. Kim Nam Jin (Don't Be Swayed), Ha Ji Won (Hwang Jin Yi) and Yoon Eun Hye (Coffee Prince) were among the stars that came out to celebrate the release of All About Style, a fashion handbook from celebrity stylist Jung Yoon Ki. Yoon looked great in a casual blouse and leather jacket, as you can see from these extra pics from the event. Yoon's fans will also want to see the sultry stills from her upcoming dance club scene with 2PM's Nichkhun for a Cass Beer commercial! Find a lot more candid shots from the set right here. The Annual Star Awards for 2009 were just announced--these awards are voted on by professionals (80%) and the general public (20%), so they tend to represent critical success as well as popularity. Congratulations to this year's big winners, Queen Seon Duk's Ko Hyun Jung and IRIS's Lee Byung Hun! Fans of Korean film will want to check out this excellent roundup of the highs and lows of the year 2009 at the movies. It's time to take stock of the year in Korean drama, and over at dramabeans there's a lively, no-holds-barred discussion of the best and worst of the last 12 months. Did Queen Seon Duk really deserve all that praise? Was City Hall the drama of the year? The four-part, four-author smackdown is here, here, here and here. Finally, as we head into the new year, here are images from Hyun Bin's official 2010 calendar. Happy New Year everyone, thanks for your support and we'll see you in January!