[caption id="attachment_2361" align="alignleft" width="291" caption="Jang Geun Seok"]jang_geun_seok[/caption] Queen Seon Duk's Kim Nam Gil has picked his next role! After scoring an MBC Excellence award for his role as Bi Dam on QSD, Kim will return to drama playing an ambitious businessman scheming his way up the corporate ladder in Bad Guy. The rest of the cast has yet to fall into place, but Bad Guy is on schedule for airing no later than this summer. You can read the full press release here. Kim Hyun Joong doesn't want to be your pet! The BOF star has turned down appearing in the troubled project My Pet, an adaptation of the Japanese manga-cum-drama. Oguri Shun is getting married...probably. Although the Smile and Hana Yori Dango star has repeatedly denied speculation that he and model Yamada Yu are engaged, they have been up to strange things like pretending not to be together on vacation in Hawaii. Now a "friend" of Oguri's has told the press that he intends to marry Yamada, and another "friend" has told everyone that Yamada really wants to get married on her birthday, July 5th. Socks and sandals usually are absolutely horrifying, but at a recent God of Study press event, Oh Yoon Ah (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee) paired them with a sweet lime green dress, and... socks and sandals are still horrifying, sorry. Chuno megahunk Oh Ji Ho revealed recently that when he first came out of military service, he tried out being a nightclub singer, but gave it up when working nights got in the way of his acting dreams. In fan meeting news, Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince) held his first since being released from mandatory military service. Gong entertained the international crowd with his guitar in an event called "694 Days Waiting for Gong Yoo." Maybe the original title, "59,961,600 Seconds Waiting for Gong Yoo," sounded a little too obsessed? Meanwhile, Jang Geun Suk (You're Beautiful, Beethoven Virus) will hold his at the end of January, drawing fans from all over Asia--even though he hasn't been active professionally outside of Korea. Jang's managers claim that even with the huge amounts of mail and gifts coming in from fans in Korea, Taiwan and China, he "carefully opens and reads each and every one" during "break time." I love fairy tales! Vic Zhou (Black & White) has beat out Show Luo (Hi My Sweetheart) to become something called a "shampoo ambassador." SEX! Now that I have your attention, fans of Taiwanese dramas or media trends in general will want to check out this analysis of the way sex is handled in twdrama compared to recent Korean dramas. The Korean press is gaga over Han Hye Jin, currently of the historical medical drama Jejoongwon and the new film No Mercy. They've released a photo history of the star, including her early years as a cute young girl and her high school graduation photos. Yoon Kye Sang, of the upcoming Road No. 1, channels his inner Christopher Robin in this Vogue photo shoot, sharing the spotlight with a big ol' Pooh Bear. Finally, would you pay $2,200 for this bag? Someone did, snapping up the Kim Hyun Joong-enhanced Coach tote bag for 2.5 million won. Whoever bought it must have been moved by Kim's artist statement that it represents his "true self," a glamorous celebrity mixed with feelings of "fatigue and loneliness."