[caption id="attachment_2411" align="alignleft" width="320" caption="Lee Min Ho"]Lee_Min_Ho_Etude_House[/caption] Great news for two fledgling dramas--both God of Study and Chuno picked up viewers in their second weeks on air. God of Study (aka Master of Study), starring Kim Soo Ro as a lawyer who dedicates himself to helping 5 rebellious teenagers into college, attracted the most eyes in its time slot. And Chuno, which already was a hit in its first episode, grabbed even more viewers--topping 30% according to TNS Media, and making images like this shot of Lee Da Hae one of the most searched on Yahoo! Korea. Speaking of Lee Da Hae, she and Chuno co-star Oh Ji Ho are pals offscreen--you can see some candid pics from her website of the two hanging out together at a Teddy Bear Museum here. If the translation is correct, she also made a pretty weird comment about Oh, calling him her "black rapper friend" because of the makeup he wears on Chuno. Not cool! After injuring her back while filming a scene in which a boxing instructor punches her, Park Jin Hee looked amazing at the press conference to support her new drama The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry. Of course, co-star Kim Bum got plenty of attention too--check out more pics from the event here. Lee Min Ho is looking fresh and clean as the Boys Over Flowers star poses for these images from Etude House, a mid-price Korean cosmetics brand. CNN will follow IRIS's Lee Byun Hun, down the red carpet of the Pusan International Film Festival in a feature airing next week. The man dubbed "the James Dean of Asia" passed on season 2 of the smash hit drama to play Storm Shadow in the Hollywood future classic G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra (you can sort of see part of his face in this new poster). In Twdrama deflated romantic expectations news, Chen Qiao En told reporters that even after being paired with Ming Dao as lovers in three different series, there are "no sparks" between them. And Rainie Yang, always good for a quotable putdown, said that kissing her Hi My Sweetheart co-star Show Luo was "like having an incestuous relationship," also adding that she had to wipe her mouth with paper napkins after each take. Chun Jung Myung will join Moon Geun Young as the male lead on Cinderella's Sister, presumably as some variation on the Prince role. Seo Woo also stars as Cinderella in the upcoming drama which looks at the classic fairy tale from the bad girl's point of view. Finally, a few new Kim Hyun Joong pics to send you into the weekend: here he is with Yoon Eun Hye, modeling for the casual prep Basic House brand. And when a lucky fan ran into Kim at Vancouver Airport, she was able to snap a few quick phone pics and even get an autograph.