[caption id="attachment_2305" align="alignleft" width="343" caption="Jang Hyuk"]jang_hyuk[/caption] Chuno looks like a hit! The premier episode of the stylish historical fusion drama grabbed an almost 23% rating, a phenomenal number for a new series. The twice-a-week drama stars Jang Hyuk as a nobleman driven to revenge against the man who destroyed his family, played by Oh Ji Ho. Things only get more complicated when both fall for Lee Da Hae, an escaped slave who disguises herself as a man. Speaking of Lee Da Hae, she's been replaced as the face of skincare brand Beyond by Yoon Eun Hye. Although only a few photos from the new spokeswoman have been released, Yoon will be doing a new photo shoot for Beyond this Sunday, so we can expect much more soon! Bad news for Bae Yong Joon and wine lovers everywhere. Waterdrops of God, his adaptation of the oenophilic manga, has been canceled for a foreseeable but lame reason. Korean product placement laws prohibit the use of specific brands of wine, which is pretty much central to the story of a wine expert driven to find the "12 apostles," 12 priceless wines that were specific, real-life brands. Kim Hyung Joon has begged off appearing on the troubled variety show Family Outing this season. Although he gave scheduling conflicts as the reason he couldn't make it, the show has been leaking viewers steadily since a script for the supposedly spontaneous conversations between guests found its way online last year. Kim Ha Neul has released her own online magazine! Full of photos and stories about the On Air star, you can browse it for yourself right here. Kim is now filming the much-anticipated war drama Road No. 1. Hyun Bin is visiting fans in Japan, where he is a nearly inescapable appearance on television with two of his dramas--My Lovely Sam Soon and Friend, Our Legend--are airing simultaneously. Joe Chen fainted while filming her new drama Lan Se Jia Qi. The star was working while ill with a fever in the midst of a cold snap in China, and under stress from professional and personal sources. Show Luo (Hi My Sweetheart) and Angela Chang appeared together for the first time to film an ice cream commercial, causing his manager to worry about Show's appetite ruining his slender figure. During the shoot, the man nicknamed "Mr. Pig" scarfed down 30 ice cream treats, which then made him hungry for hot pot! Finally, another tale of appetite run wild. While on the Japanese talk show Guruman-S Table, Kim Hyung Joon fed traditional Korean cold-fighting food by hand to a couple of the other guests, including transsexual beauty queen Haruna Ai, who practically chomped off his whole hand when she went for the tasty morsel! You know you want to see this video!