[caption id="attachment_1616" align="alignleft" width="310" caption="Joo Ji Hoon"]Joo Ji Hoon[/caption]

Goong star Joo Ji Hun will soon shut down his website in anticipation of his entrance into mandatory military service. Although he expected to enter the army at the end of the year, his actual start date could be pushed back. Either way, he's decided to retreat from public life for now.

Boys Over Flowers' Lee Min Ho is reportedly returning to the screen with Bad Man, in which he'll star as a seductive stunt man!

Horikita Maki and Sakurai Sho are rumored to be starring in Tokujou Kabachi!!, a manga-based drama and sequel to the 2001 hit Kabachitare. Perhaps guest star Ohara Masako spilled the beans a little early, though, since her blog entry revealing all of this has been since removed by mysterious forces...

Creative scheduling decisions have led to SBS's revenge drama Angel's Temptation grabbing enough audience share to earn it one more episode. In an unprecedented move, execs decided to move the show, which stars Han Sang Jin and Bae Soo Bin from the traditional drama timeslot to a time when it would face documentaries and news programs, and it looks like the move has paid off!

Kim Bum visited London as part of an environmental campaign to learn about different methods of recycling and other sustainable lifestyle choices--you can see some of the video from his trip here, and more here!

As reported earlier, Lee Seung Gi is back on the trail after a bout with the H1N1 flu virus. In fact, he started yesterday filming the new drama Strong Heart, so watch for it soon!

[caption id="attachment_1614" align="alignleft" width="302" caption="Xiao Xiao Bin"]Xia Xia Bin[/caption]

Xiao Xiao Bin's cuteness rules all!!! The four-year-old Autumn's Concerto star has garnered a boost in ratings for the series, putting it ahead over dramas with non-baby casts like Momo Love and Hi My Sweetheart. Is it only a matter of time before we see adorable, unnaturally mature four-year-olds popping up on dramas all across Asia? I hope not.

Han Hyo Joo will team up with Ji Jin Hee in the historical drama Dong Yi, and the 16-year age difference between the leading lady and leading man isn't a big deal, right?

Lastly, a fun talk show video from Ariel Lin's recent on-air birthday celebration.  Check out Joe Cheng's birthday tribute to Lin in front of a bouquet of microphones. Cute!